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Intel Kings / Gurus / Re: The BIG Call 06/20/2017 Intel only
« Last post by stevejss1 on June 23, 2017, 07:11:11 PM »
 It's  lying  Bruce again, ha ha Ha got I hope no one believes any of this this stuff is so old I was listening to it five years ago three years ago seven years ago. He's playing all of you like a fiddle. Get smart listen to just about anybody else. God bless you all
KTFA Members Wed. Afternoon "CBI Website and More" 6-22-17


Salamon69:  CBI website is DOWN.    INTERESTING.   See link

AnimatedRock:  It works fine for me . .

Salamon69:  Very strange.   I went to google and typed in central bank of Iraq, and it pulls up the link to go to the page.   This is what comes up on my screen.   There have to be others who are getting this as my internet is working fine. I copied below what shows up on my screen ------------  Apache2 Ubuntu Default Page <!—

AnimatedRock:  I was going to say, IMO it means they are testing launching a completely new web page. And they are getting syntax errors on some of the links.

Salamon69:  Ok.   Here.      Please someone do a google search of Central Bank of Iraq
It then pulls up the link to the CBI home page which is

You will see what I mean.    Something really UNUSUAL is happening but maybe I am in the TWILIGHT ZONE because no one else sees it.  LOL

Salamon69:  INTERESTING...    Now I pull the CBI website on my phone and it is a NEW WEBSITE!

WOW…..But on my computer there are still issues that it will not pull up.

If this doesn't cause the hair on your arms and legs to stand up, I don't know what will.

Peggy68:   Your Absolutely Right  " SOMETHING"  MUST BE GOING ON

Apmcrx:  Wow New CBI web design!!!    Ready for the world
Upstart:  Total new look !    Time to explore…. I'm looking at as always    If anyone doesn't get the new site, I suggest clearing your browser cache.
Peggy68:   Nothing    Nothing    Nothing    SOMETHING    Xoxo     PEGGY68

Salamon68:  I agree Peggy. AMEN!  I too followed Kim Clement and know the video when he said that prophecy.   Something is UP.   This alone is like a shot in the arm!

Don961:  This is at the top of the new landing page for the CBI site .... the new building .... symbolic ???? totally new design

Freemanna:  what building is it Don? 

Don961:  new CBI building ... designed by the famous Iraq architect

Salamon69:  They even have a currency calculator at the bottom so someone with dinar can calculate how much their dinar would buy the US dollar and all other currencies.

Still at a program rate of 1184 but if you are going INTERNATIONAL it is nice to have a brand new website indeed!

I find it interesting though that it only will come up on my phone, but not on the computer.

Jdufal1:  Okay, I am trying to control my excitement. I know the New look on the website is amazing.  Please also take a look at the  website. It has loads of new information, new cbi logo, English and arabic on same page. It's also marked 2017 on the bottom of the page.   I think we're moving places people!

Molson88:  Not only that, but it is going to be interesting to see how they are going to pay for this building at a program rate....


VSDK:  Alright, so... if I remember correctly, according to Peggy's analysis, they were supposed to make an announcement (or something like that) on the 22, Idk if their 22nd or our 22nd, but on our 22nd they updated their bci website... (I know we're not supposed to bring stuff from other sites but it's noteworthy to say that...) I remember about 3 yrs. ago I heard right before the rate change, they would have a new/updated cbi website...

I have theories & speculation of what's happening in the comming days but I've never been good at expressing myself or getting my point across, but I can say I can feel/sense the end of this road, the arrival to the beginning of a fresh start...

Doc.K:  2017  Obama  Tax year started July 1 2016  expires  June 30 2017

I believe during the Trump / Abadi  visit this year OR CONVERSATIONS PRIOR  ( come see me after the INAUGARATION ABADI )   ( WE KNEW TRUMP WAS PRESIDENT ELECT AT TIME OF THE UN DOCUMENT DATE) they made the contracts and escrow for said date ( ABADI MET WITH UN TO AGREE UPON DATES for CONTRACTS), June 30,  for the Trump Administration to get the credit for RV $$   and to PROVE that OBAMA CARE would be insolvent.
We know how much Trump and Abadi  love   O   .
This is scripted folks .......  Why was there a start and stop of the forces moving in Mosul ?  Timing.  This is why MOSUL  dragged out sooooo  long .   The USA agencies can tell what book your reading during a baseball game from a satellite.

 They could of gotten bagdadi long time ago.   The CBI is just now updating their site ,,,,,,  timing....      We should be hearing more about Lower Denoms   soon.

Notice the tax brackets, trust, estate, gift, transfer etc.......   rules ....... before he left office.

Carats:   I love this! A solid reason as to why to wait till after june 30th.

Cole:  Many spokes point to 26-30

Salamon69:  WOW!   Thanks Doc for sharing.   That makes a lot of sense.   TIMING IS EVERYTHING! 

Doc.k: Yes,  other people didnt want Obama getting credit for it either.  Not everyone is blind ro O's  games.   Interesting how it is scripted in the bigger picture.


DanaDinar:  don961 and all members of KTFA...The Central Bank of Iraq's headquarters building on the CBI website is an amazing structure.  It was designed by Zaha Hadid Architects.

​Zaha Hadid is a woman!  I find that so amazing that Muslims actually let a woman design the Headquarters for their Central Bank.  She was an amazing and fabulous architect...all her designs are ***WOW***

Sadly, Zaha Hadid died at 65 years young from a heart attack in Miami, Florida on Thursday March 31, 2016​. Her condo in Miami is up for sale for $10 million should any of you decide you would like to move to Miami. 

​more photos below from Zaha Hadid's website..

Don961:  Disable the official working hours from Sunday to Thursday on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr


Since 06/22/2017 18:37 am (Baghdad time)
BAGHDAD - The balance of News

The face of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, Thursday, disable the official working hours on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr starting from Sunday to Thursday next week.

According to the Information Office of the Prime Minister, in a brief statement received / scales News /, that "Abadi, disable the face of official working hours on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr, effective on Sunday 25/06/2017 until Thursday 06/29/2017."

He added that "Abadi is also the face of the security service and take over the ministries and ensure the continuation of services through its cadres in the days mentioned" .anthy 29/6 n

Samson:   Abadi Office: Round Prime Minister came to confirm Iraq's return to the regional status
 15:55 - 22/06/2017

Information Office of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, Thursday, revealed the regional round of Ebadi, which concluded today details, as he emphasized that the tour came to confirm Iraq's return to the regional status.

According to Ebadi's office in a statement the agency / information / received a copy of it, "the Prime Minister, and his accompanying delegation returned to Baghdad after a successful regional tour, which included Saudi Arabia, Iran and Kuwait, came round the culmination of a political approach charted the Iraqi government to establish a balanced foreign relations based on the independence of the Iraqi decision and taking into account the mutual interests of Iraq with these countries and not to engage in the policy of axes or poles conflict. "

He pointed out that "this regional tour, which came in response to an official invitation from the leaders of these countries-addressed to the Abadi proved right to see the Iraqi government in opening up to the countries of the region and the countries of the world in the interest of Iraq and enhance the prospects of cooperation between him and the various states and establishes coordination rules in the face of dangers terrorism and the challenges of extremism. "

It explained that "the atmosphere of the meetings and the results of talks held by the Iraqi delegation in the three countries were positive and constructive and laid the foundations important relationships and growing steadily in various political, economic and security fields and promoted an atmosphere of confidence between Iraq and the countries of the region, where the governments of these countries have shown a serious interest and willingness sure to consolidate cooperation with Iraq relations and expand the horizons of mutual interests with him and showed a clear trend in the strengthening of security cooperation with Iraq during the coming period. "

He pointed out, that "Abadi went as commander of the armed forces of the country succeeded in defeating terrorism in exceptional circumstances and limited potential free land of Iraq regained its towns one by one is weakness or complacency, was the choice of the timing of the visit - and Iraq and its people and his troops valiant about to liberate Mosul Balkamil- It is important and gave great weight to this round and strengthened Iraq's regional position. "

The Office, that "this was clearly evident by the great welcome adult and hospitality, which met with the visit of the Iraqi delegation in the three countries, praised their leaders the role of Abadi and his successes in the war against terrorism and state-building and national unity management and adoption of an approach nationally in dealing with the people Iraq of all components, and expressed support for the Iraqi government and people and their keenness to preserve its unity and support its security and achieve stability and support for the efforts of the Iraqi government in the reconstruction and opening broad prospects and promising economic cooperation and investment activity between Iraq and the three countries, and bless Balant Abbreviations achieved by Iraqi forces on terrorism and highly appreciated the feet, courage and sacrifices and the capabilities of Iraqi forces in the fight against terrorism. "

He pointed out that "this round and resulted in the positive results in various fields came to confirm Iraq's return to the regional status usual and restore it to its active role and influential among the countries of the region and to demonstrate that the wise policy of moderate pursued by the Iraqi government in regional and international relations and to move away from escalation and discourse convulsive are effective policy has opened broad prospects for positive relations with various countries where the focus on points of convergence with which many of these countries and seek to narrow the areas of disagreement with them and what reflects the wisdom of the state administration and statesmanship in dealing with regional countries. "

The Abadi Office, that "without this policy and the unity of Iraqis and their steadfastness in fighting terrorism and Antsarathm him when he returned Iraq to assume the proper position it between the countries of the region and the world and what countries returned to open up to Iraq and seek to establish better relations with him in accordance with the principles established by Iraq to build external relations and in the forefront of which respect for sovereignty and independence of the Iraqi decision. "

He pointed out that "taking into account the Iraqi supreme national interest in the establishment of Iraq's relations with various countries of the region and the world, the Iraqi government to shoulder its responsibilities towards the security and stability of Iraq - first - and the stability of the region and the world - II - the two that made Iraq departs from ditching with this or that party and its insistence on stay in the middle area and at the same distance from everyone, and dragged to the rotation in the orbit of this or that country because we believe that the preservation of Iraq's security and stability which requires us not to be a party to regional conflicts drained the wealth and potential of the region, while it should be go to build s And the capacity of these countries to achieve the aspirations of their peoples in the development and decent living. "

He returned Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, on Wednesday, to the capital of Baghdad after the conclusion of a regional tour that included Saudi Arabia, Iran and Kuwait countries.
Abadi reveals the amount of damage Daesh infrastructure and announces the adoption of a supplementary budget for 2017

History Tahrir:: 2017/6/22 19:20 • 132 times mqrw’h
{Baghdad: Euphrates News} Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi revealed on Thursday, the amount of damage caused by the terrorist gangs Daesh in the infrastructure of the public sector, noting that it amounted to 50 billion dollars. "

Abadi said, during his weekly press conference, “but left little of the liberation of Mosul , ” he said, adding that ” the bombing of Al – Nouri mosque and the declaration of the end of the humpback Daesh and we will constructed a human patrimony, not only for the Iraqis.”

And on his visit to the neighboring countries, Abadi said that “States expressed during the regional visit admires editing areas, and visit security and economic impacts, and continue to find a consensus in the region to participate in the fight against terrorism and to continue the cooperation of economic peoples investment to create job opportunities for improving living standards.”

He said that ” the Council of Ministers today voted on the national housing project in the province of Maysan , a new approach to the government to provide housing for citizens, and approved a document to restore stability and reconstruction in Iraq and includes all infrastructure generality provinces , ” pointing out that ” the destruction of Daesh infrastructure for the public sector and the government’s only It amounted to $ 50 billion, while the damage to the destruction of infrastructure , the private sector and the property of citizens may exceed this figure , “noting that” we are working on holding an international conference in Kuwait for the reconstruction of Iraq after the Daesh phase. ”

”The cabinet today approved a supplementary budget for the year 2017 relating to the payment of dues farmers and contractors and military spending and others, it will be prepared holiday feast and submit them to parliament for approval.”

He added, “we are working to encourage Iraqi exports, and we have agreed , starting with Saudi Arabia in promoting Iraqi goods to Saudi Arabia and to allow the entry of Iraqi businessmen as reflected positively to increase the trade exchange between the two countries.”

And on the Gulf crisis, Abadi reiterated “We did not go any same mediation crisis Gulf regional visit, and we visited for the development of relations, coordination and cooperation to fight terrorism , ” stressing that ” the regional visit us highly successful and today everyone understands the role of Iraq and its strength in the region.”

However , ” The problem is that the differences between the countries of the region up to the degree of focus on the differences, but even it up to support terrorist groups Defiance of different countries , including” pointing out that “some countries suggested that Iraq could play this role {mediation} as he became the strong presence, and our answer was that all the different countries agree on this proposal. ”

He noted that “Saudi Arabia stressed the importance of Iraq in the region and wanted to develop bilateral relations, Kuwait has a desire to invest in Iraq, but there is the complexity of the administrative system hinders such investment and we are treated so as to achieve the partnership with Gul neighborhood.”

He said the “US presence in Iraq is not a fighter, but the role of attribution, training, advice, aviation , and after the end of Daesh we do not need Air Alliance, and confirm that the unity of our strength code in defeating terrorism and we hope to embody it in the development process and that we do not accept Bafassd and attacks on public money or hinders the development process in Iraq”.

”I say all politicians and blocs that will benefit everyone, but you should not look at things in a way selfish”
Intel Kings / Gurus / The BIG Call 06/20/2017 Intel only
« Last post by MikeH on June 20, 2017, 10:21:50 PM »
The BIG Call  06/20/2017 Intel only

Yesterday there were a series of 3 sets of announcements, all were made, and we have a couple more announcements which will be made immediately after morning prayer in Iraq.  7 am Baghdad time, midnight eastern.  These should be the last announcements that need to be made about Iraq’s sovereignty, about the new rates, liberation of Mosul, and it may tell about the new lower denominations in the ATMs in Iraq.

We don’t know how quickly we will have those—most of it is still hidden to us.  Depends on when we have what you and I are waiting for.

Abadi was in Saudi today, made an announcement there today.  Will make another when he returns to Iraq.

Summer solstice on the 21st of June.  Longest day.  Because it is the first day of the fiscal new year for China, it means a lot for them.  May be very important for us as well.

In preparation, we had some confirmation this afternoon that the USNs were communicated from the US Treasury to the regional banks, that the USN will be live in the morning.  Having a gold backed currency alive, gives our currency value, so that our exchanges will be backed by a gold backed currency.  Iraq has oil, but also diamonds, gold, gems, more.  Likewise Zimbabwe.  Huge riches under the ground.

So, we have that balancing our currency.  We feel the timing is excellent for us.

The banks involved in the redemption process have been notified to be ready to go tomorrow.

Zim is continuing to trade and go up in value every day.  If you want a privately negotiated rate, you can do that, get a much higher rate than the screen rate.

We do believe that because of all the additional oil that Iraq is pumping (and Russia and China) it should make the value of the IQD considerably higher, as a privately negotiated rate.  Should also be true for the Dong, for the Internet group.

Last night, we had a mega tranche, 2 very large funds that paid out in what we call a large tranche of funds.  One Sunday night and one was Monday night.  One was for humanitarian projects, and the other one was for Tier 4 exchanges (our deal).  We understand that Tier 3s have been completed, paymasters all funded.  Remaining Tier 3 should be funished imminently.  We found that last night about midnight, when that last large tranche was sent over, that marked sort of the rollout for us, and it allowed for an unlimited amount of bank wires to be sent.  Of any amount, under CIPS system, in conjunction with SIMTECH.  CIPS was integrated into the old SWIFT system.

We think that everything is lined up for us.  We are looking forward to getting the toll-free number.  We think it will be a daytime event.  We will put it on our site, as well as a couple of other sites, if we are so directed in our instructions. We do not have the 800 number yet.

Redemption centers are ready to go. More of a military operation than it was.  We have forces in place for security and oversite.  Might go a little quicker than we thought.  A process of moving from one station to another, in a quick manner.  Get our exchange done and set up another point for the Wealth Advisor follow up in a week or so—trust work, project work.

The John Q public who is not paying attention should start after the beginning of July.  It is all planned, we are on a timer, and that timer is about ready to go off.

You have made it to the end of the ride.  Be proud you have endured.  We have learned patience.
6/20/2017  Kirkuk’s oil to play big role in Kurdish independence  >>>  >>> 

After decades of waiting, the Kurds are finally set to hold a referendum on independence in the fall. Massoud Barzani, the president of Iraqi Kurdistan, met June 7 with Kurdish political parties to discuss the referendum. Though the Gorran party (Movement for Change) and Kurdistan Islamic Group refused to attend the meeting, participants scheduled the referendum for Sept. 25.

The decision came soon after Barzani's son, Masrour Barzani, unexpectedly arrived June 4 in Baghdad to meet with Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, though the men did not talk about the independence referendum, according to Abadi's office. Masrour Barzani is chancellor of the Kurdistan Region Security Council, a hard-liner toward Baghdad and an outspoken supporter of the referendum who calls for "divorce from Baghdad." A memo from Abadi's office said they discussed military coordination to liberate Mosul from the Islamic State (IS).

The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), especially the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) led by Massoud Barzani, supposedly favors holding the referendum, though some skeptics doubt Barzani's true intentions. Hoshyar Abdullah, a member of the Gorran faction in the Iraqi parliament, told Al-Monitor that the referendum is "a political card" — leverage toward winning from the KDP the oil fields west of Kirkuk in northern Iraq. He said the referendum also is a tool "to distract the Kurdish people from the KRG's failures and allow the KDP to regain positions lost in Baghdad."

When IS advanced to Kirkuk in 2014, the KDP deployed two peshmerga brigades to protect the western oil fields. When the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) became suspicious about the KDP's intentions, the PUK deployed its forces in June 2014 to the oil fields north of the city to block further KDP advances. Since then, there have been tensions between the KDP and the PUK over the future of the oil fields, oil exportation and the resulting income.

Burhan Haji Sulaiman, the editor-in-chief of the leading Kirkuk weekly Hawal, a pro-PUK outlet, told Al-Monitor that deploying the peshmerga in the western oil fields amounted to "occupation.” He said that the decision reflected "the strong alliance existing between the KDP" and Abadi. "The referendum is merely for strengthening a certain political party [the KDP], and the people of Kirkuk refer to the export of their oil as ‘looting,’" Haji Sulaiman stressed.

In March, a PUK unit known as the Black Force stormed the North Oil Company pumping station to try to put pressure on Baghdad and Erbil, the Kurdistan Region capital, to build an oil refinery in Kirkuk. The move led Massoud Barzani to deploy more peshmerga forces to secure the oil fields.

A high-profile political source in Kirkuk who asked not to be identified due to the sensitivity of the issue told Al-Monitor that Massoud Barzani supports an independence referendum so he will have "strong leverage against the Iraqi government to win the oil fields west of Kirkuk during negotiations on the future of KRG-Baghdad relations." In 2014, Kurdistan Region Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani announced KRG's strategy of economic self-sufficiency; however, it failed due to the fall in oil prices, the war on IS and Baghdad cutting the KRG budget. In addition, Abdullah believes the KDP does not want to give Baghdad control of the oil, "as the KDP has a deep strategic plan, which is controlling energy so as to successfully continue its quest for hegemony" and political power in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region.

Aso Mamand, the head of the PUK in Kirkuk and a member of the PUK's political bureau, told Al-Monitor that the Iraqi government may not accept the peshmerga's presence in Kirkuk once IS is defeated in Mosul and Hawijah. Mamand has suggested certain multiparty guarantees for Kirkuk’s future, saying, “We have suggested reaching an agreement with Baghdad, the Global Coalition to Counter IS and the Kurdistan Region." Hoisting the Kurdistan Region flag in Kirkuk led to conflicts between the Kurds and Turkmens. Kurdish leaders, in particular a group of PUK leaders of Kirkuk, have tried to reassure Arab and Turkmen leaders that they have "a special project" that will "prioritize Kirkuk and Kirkukis,” rather than Baghdad or Erbil.

"We want Kirkuk [governorate] to be a semi-[autonomous] region annexed with the Kurdistan Region with all its decentralized authorities that all the other components will agree on. Kirkuk's oil should belong to Kirkuk, and the Kirkuk semi-region should have control over its oil," Mamand said.

He added, "If it was not for the Kirkuk oil, the KRG would not have been able even to pay the half salaries that KRG employees are receiving. The people of Kurdistan are paying the price" for ill-considered KRG oil policies, he said.

Mamand noted, "We would like to hold a referendum in Kirkuk, but there [need to be] two referendums: first, to determine whether the Kirkukis want to incorporate into the Kurdistan Region or not, and then the referendum for the independence of Kurdistan."

Al-Monitor talked to Nahwi Saeed, an independent researcher who wrote his doctoral thesis on Kirkuk's conflicts and future prospects. Saeed said that incorporating Kirkuk into the Kurdistan Region is considered a "red line by the Arabs and Turkmens."

"Any unilateral attempt by the Kurdistan Region to cross this red line" will lead to violence, Saeed said. Imposing the will of one party or state on others in a deeply divided city like Kirkuk will lead to bloodshed and few solutions, he noted.

Saeed argues that the best scenario is the application of Article 140 of the Iraqi Constitution. The people of Kirkuk should decide upon the future of their governorate, and their decision should be respected regardless of which option they go for. However, he said, "Such a referendum is highly unlikely now. Therefore, the future of the Kirkuk governorate is truly caught in a catch-22 situation."

Luay al-Khatteeb, Iraq's Energy Institute director, told Al-Monitor the Iraqi government will claim the western oil fields after Hawijah and Mosul are liberated, as Iraq considers these oil fields to be its property and not the KRG's.

"Baghdad turned a blind eye to the KRG exporting oil from those fields, as they didn’t want to be involved in Kirkuk conflicts and clashes," Khatteeb said. "My advice for the whole of Iraq is for Kirkuk to declare its own region, or merge with Sulaimaniyah [city] and combine resources. Kirkuk has the richest oil fields but lacks good corridors. To secure a reliable and sustainable corridor for oil exports, there could be pipelines through Baghdad or Mosul, so Kirkuk could have a better chance to meet its local demand."

According to Mamand, the KRG has not been committed to transparency, and Kirkuk's share is not determined appropriately by either the KRG or the Iraqi government. The KRG exports more than 300,000 barrels per day (bpd) to Turkey, and if the Khormala gas turbine power plant's output is included, that figure will exceed 400,000 bpd. This is in addition to the 60,000 bpd from the North Oil Company going through the KRG.

Mamand concluded, "The economic independence the KRG was claiming was through oil, and the KRG Natural Resources Ministry was aiming for 1 million bpd by the end of 2015 — however, it failed. So, I don't know if the Iraqi government will accept taking Kirkuk's oil forever. … Still, Kirkuk is part of Iraq and its oil is controlled by the Iraqi government. This has made us concerned."

 6/20/2017   Guru Phillyman   Article:  "Kirkuk’s Oil to play big role in Kurdish Independence"   There are alot of articles coming out regularly about this.  Saying the region is complicated is an understatement.  Abadi is even now on his tour having just left Saudi Arabia and now landing in Iran, 2 countries that despise each other. Does it impact what we are looking for?  There will always be conflict over there so my humble opinion is that monetary reform moves forward despite the conflicts regionally.     [PLEASE TAKE COMMENTS POSTED FROM OTHER DINAR SITES AS RUMOR, SPECULATION AND/OR OPINION]
6/20/2017  6/20/2017  Guru Frank26   Document:  "Interior announces to obtain international rating for the first time"  Quote:  "The Interior Ministry announced on Tuesday, gaining international classification of international standards for the control of the Organization of the United Nations Security Council arms, pointing out that it gets a brilliant achievement for the first time at the national, regional and global level."  LoneStarCowboy:  Hello  International -  Welcome to the global stage ... Frank26: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH Buddy!   


20/06/2017 11:51:16  "Interior announces to obtain international rating for the first time" >>>>  BAGHDAD / obelisk:    The Interior Ministry announced on Tuesday, gaining international classification of international standards for the control of the Organization of the United Nations Security Council arms, pointing out that it gets a brilliant achievement for the first time at the national, regional and global level.      The ministry said in a statement, said that "the ministry obtained through its representative Colonel Mansour Ali Sultan on the international classification of international standards for the control of the Organization on the arms to the Committee for Disarmament Affairs, theUN Security Council," adding that "the ministry according to international experts came serially 14".
She added that "the completion of wow for the first gets the first time at the national, regional and global level is added to the nomination of the Republic of Iraq for the presidency of the International Committee for the issues of arms session 72 for 2017," indicating that "it shows the commitment of the Republic of Iraq best international standards in building its institutions and enhance international prestige."
It is noteworthy that Iraq has recently received several prestigious categories and positions at the international level, reinforcing its position among the nations of the world.
 6/20/2017  (snippit)  Guru tman23   ...The IQD reality could be between 285 fils to 299 fils to the USD...which would be 2.85 - 2.99...with a margin of +/- 3.5%...  >>>  [PLEASE TAKE COMMENTS POSTED FROM OTHER DINAR SITES AS RUMOR, SPECULATION AND/OR OPINION]
   6/20/2017 Iraqi forces foil IS attempt to retake liberated areas in western Mosul >>>  >>>  Mosul ( Iraqi forces repelled on Tuesday an attempt by Islamic State militants to retake areas under security control in western Mosul as forces moved deeper in the group’s last enclave.
A security source told Shafaq News that Iraqi warplanes killed 23 IS members who were trying to sneak into al-Dindan district, south of the Old City, IS’s last enclave in Mosul. The source added that the militants were planning to take over government buildings including the courthouse and the local police department.    Iraqi forces took over Dindan district in March.  Iraqi forces, which invaded the medieval Old City district on Sunday, are primarily eyeing the Nuri al-Kabeer Mosque, the place where IS supreme leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi proclaimed taking over a third of Iraq and Syria in 2014.
Iraqi forces took over eastern Mosul in January and have been sweeping through the western side since mid February.
A few hundred IS fighters are believed to be entrenching in the Old City, seeking protection in the middle of 100.000 civilians who are believed to be used as human shields and shot dead once trying to escape.
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