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IRAQ (IQD) News Update / An Iraqi bank receives an international award
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12/15/2017  An Iraqi bank receives an international award >>> >>>  The International Development Bank (DFID) was awarded the Distinguished Management Excellence Award at a ceremony held in the Jordanian capital of Amman for innovation and excellence for financial institutions and entrepreneurship in 2017.
“The chairman of the bank, Ziad Abd, received the award, which was considered one of the five distinguished personalities in the Arab world, the only person from Iraq to receive the award of excellence in wise management,” the bank said in a statement.
“The award was awarded as a result of the strategy adopted by the management of the bank in the practice of the latest banking technologies and expansion, as well as the rehabilitation of the staff of the bank staff to be competitors of international banks on the basis of sound banking followed.”
The Development Bank is the first bank to receive this award from banks operating in Iraq, and the banking system in Iraq consists of 62 banks.
12/15/2015  US National Security Advisor: Strengthening the Kurdistan Region one of our most important goals >>> >>>  Donald Trump attaches great importance to resolving the problems existing between the Iraqi government and the Kurdistan Region, stressing that his country is committed to strengthening the Kurds and their experience in the Kurdistan Region.    "Solving the problems between the KRG and Iraq is a big priority for President Trump, Secretary of State Tillerson and the entire Trump team," McMaster said in remarks at the annual Jamestown conference.    ...
"We are committed to the safety of Iraq and the territorial integrity of Kurdistan," McMaster said. "We are committed to working with the Kurdish leadership and the Iraqi leadership and mediating between them with all our capabilities."
The US national security adviser expressed his deep concern about Iran's "hostility" and pointed out that Tehran "has achieved great success in infiltrating Iraqi institutions, its functions and organizations, and sabotaging it." He said that Iran "wants a weak Iraq."
"The others in the region, especially Iran, are trying to manipulate tensions between Erbil and Baghdad, even among the Kurds in their favor," McMaster said. "There are regional interventions in the tension between Erbil and Baghdad, The Iranian Revolutionary Guards «managed to exploit the differences between the factions within the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and the Kurdistan Democratic Party», and that the Kurdish leaders to be aware of their exposure to this Iranian role «heinous».
The US national security adviser Herbert McMaster on the continuation of US support for the Kurds and help resolve differences with Baghdad, and stressed that «strengthening the Kurdistan region as part of Iraq remains one of the most important goals of the United States of America».

IRAQ (IQD) News Update / Gold prices jump to their highest weekly
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 12/15/2017 Gold prices jump to their highest weekly >>>  >>>  NEW YORK (Reuters) - Gold prices hit their highest level in a week on Thursday as the dollar stabilized after plummeting in the previous session following a decision by the US Federal Reserve to raise interest rates.
The US interest rate hike for the third time this year was widely expected, and the Federal Reserve kept its expectations for a 3-fold increase in 2018 on concerns of low inflation.
The dollar slipped on Wednesday, due to weak US inflation data in November, and the central bank kept interest rate expectations unchanged.
At 07:28 GMT, the spot price of gold was up 0.1 percent at $ 1256.40 an ounce after touching earlier its December 7 high of $ 1259.11.
US gold futures rose 0.9 percent to $ 1259.20 an ounce.

12/15/2017  Deputy in the Parliament of Kurdistan: the region does not have the draft budget 2018  >>>  >>>   A member of the Parliament of the Kurdistan region of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Khalaf Ahmed, on Friday, the lack of the Territory so far a draft budget for 2018, which returned "a serious indication" on the economic situation of the region.
Ahmed said in a press statement that "during the march of the current government in the region only once reached the draft budget to parliament and this is a very negative situation," pointing out that "the region has no draft budget for 2018 so far and this is a serious reflection on Kurdistan."
He added that "the final statements of the 2017 budget is not completed so far as well as the final statements of 2016, which means that the region will face significant economic and financial challenges unless it finds a way out of the current crisis."
12/15/2017  Iraqi Stock Exchange rises at the end of the week >>>  >>>   The Iraqi Stock Exchange closed the week’s session by 0.33% as the political and security situation in the country improved to close the general index at 569.07.    The exchange traded during Thursday’s session, 35 companies out of 101 companies listed on the market, while the volume of trading 12.7 billion shares worth 12.7 billion dinars.     The production and marketing of meat rose 10%, the production of ready-made clothing 4.42%, Baghdad for soft drinks 2.73%, the investment bank 2.44%, while the United Bank fell by 4.17%, the industrial crescent by 3.45% and the Gulf Bank by 2.78%.     The most active companies in terms of shares traded is Noor Bank Iraq 9.7 billion shares and the Bank of the clutch 2.7 billion shares.    The Iraqi bourse continued to close at a height after the announcement of Prime Minister Haider Abadi, the liberation of Iraq from the ISIS.
 12/15/2017  Close to him reveals Abadi's intention to end the control of the parties on the buildings and property of the state >>>  >>>  The deputy of the coalition of state law Jassem Mohammed Jaafar, on Thursday, the Prime Minister Haidar Abadi sought to return the property and buildings of the state to the Treasury and end the control of the parties in the campaign against corruption.
"Some of the political parties and blocs are still controlling and appropriating property, buildings and state funds since the fall of the former regime and so far," Jaafar said in a statement to Al-Maaloumah. "The state funds must be returned to them. Fighting corruption and this is one of his priorities. "
On the presidential palaces, Jaafar said that "these palaces have been registered in the name of the Iraqi Ministry of Finance since 2003 and the places of Khirbet especially in the provinces except for the presidential palace, which is currently in the Green Zone, where the Prime Minister lives Haider Abadi."
It is noteworthy that most powerful parties have seized the property and buildings of the state in illegal ways and power since the fall of the former regime and now, especially in the capital Baghdad, while others resorted to the rental of property in symbolic amounts does not exceed thousands of dinars in a move aimed at legitimizing such seizures.
12/14/2017  Guru Mnt Goat   A lot of readers asked me if Iraq was “fully” out of Chapter VII sanctions of the UN Charter for member nations.  Here is my answer:  Iraq is “fully” out of the part of sanctions that took them into the oil for food program, thus for the period mid April 1995 – Dec 2017 all oil revenues (petro dollars) had to be deposited first into the DFI fund (Development Fund for Iraq). This protected the funds from predator debt collectors and also corrupted officials. BUT NOW THIS IS NO LONGER MANDATED!  Iraq can now receive oil revenues directly and the DFI fund is closed. This is just like before the first gulf war.  This is what we want.  This is said to mean “full” sovereignty... This is what Iraq wanted and needed prior to the RV.  However technically there are still minor Chapter VII issues but they will have little to no impact on the re-instatement of the currency.      [PLEASE TAKE COMMENTS POSTED FROM OTHER DINAR SITES AS RUMOR, SPECULATION AND/OR OPINION]
 12/14/2017 23:59  Kurdish leader: the Kurdistan government corrupt and our people strike to resolve >>> >>>  The Speaker of the Parliament of Kurdistan, Yousef Mohammed, on Thursday, citizens and political parties to prepare for the launch of popular demonstrations and general strikes aimed at dissolving the current government of the Kurdistan region.
Mohammed said in a press statement that “the Kurdistan Regional Government is corrupt and incapable of improving the living conditions of citizens, so that the current situation requires the readiness of citizens to launch mass demonstrations with the participation of political parties aimed at dissolving the current government.”
He added that “citizens are living conditions aggravated by corruption and lack of transparency in government institutions.”
The Speaker of the Parliament of Kurdistan also stressed the need for the security forces to protect the safety of citizens and protect them during the demonstrations.
“The movement of change has submitted a project to form a transitional government to manage the current phase, but the parties of the Authority are trying to keep the current government intact,” said Mohammad, who has been exercising his legislative duties in Sulaymaniyah since he was prevented from entering Erbil in 2015.
It is noteworthy that the General Council of the Kurdish Movement for Change, proposed after a meeting in the city of Sulaymaniyah, to withdraw from the Kurdistan Regional Government, because of “failure” in the administration of the region.
In recent times, demands have been raised to dissolve the KRG by some Kurdish political parties and to form a national unity government to run the region until the next elections.
12/14/2017  The parliament is expected to hold an extraordinary session next Wednesday >>>  >>>   A member of the Legal Committee high Nassif, Thursday, a special session of the House of Representatives next Wednesday on the laws of elections and the general budget.
Nassif said in a statement to Al-Maaloumah that "the current available data suggest that the House of Representatives will hold an extraordinary session on the 20th of this month to discuss the election law and the general budget for 2018."
Nassif added that "the differences and controversies are still ongoing on the two laws," pointing out that "the Electoral Commission earlier demanded the approval of its financial budget mid-month."
 12/14/2017 7:49pm Baghad:  Abadi demands Erbil to 'abide by' federal court ruling on referendum  >>>  >>>  Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on Thursday demanded  Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) abide by the decisions of the Federal Court which labelled the Independence referendum as 'unconstitutional', MP Ali al-Alak said on Thursday.
Abadi ordered KRG to change the word 'respect' with 'abide' which came in the recent statement commenting on the federal court decisions.
The Iraqi Supreme Federal Court in November said that Kurdistan independence referendum is 'unconstitutional' and ordered to consider all its consequences as void.
The Iraqi government continues to exercise its constitutional right to control border crossings and airports, Alak added, noting that Baghdad won't start any negotiations with Erbil until the latter cancels referendum.
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