Author Topic: THE BIG CALL WITH BRUCE TUESDAY, NOVBEMBER 14, 2017, INTEL ONLY  (Read 24 times)

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Bruce:  Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. Thank you for coming in and listening to the Big Call on Tuesday and Thursday nights. Yes, here we are again. You know what I am not discouraged at all. I am very encouraged tonight and I think you should be to. I know we will be doing these calls until these blessing manifests to us.

Like I said we plan on not going away, but take you through that process to where you guys can exchange. Then on the back side of the exchange when you are doing your meetings with your CPAs, attorneys, family office set ups, etc. we are will be doing the same thing.  We will be setting up different things. We have 3 different web sites. I told you about one of them: where you can sign up with your email and get on the list to receive the 800 number when receive it, and I will let you know when we do future calls. You will want to know when they will come up again.

​We will have some cool things to talk about and we will do some more interviews like we use to do, interesting stuff that you will want to listen to.

Bruce:  The other side of this, we will have our projects to talk about and how you would like to participate in Rebuild America and Veterans Retreat Network.  I will make that all available to you on the new website, and we will let you know on future calls. I anticipate taking off a month or so. We have Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Hanukkah coming up.  We got holiday season and we will have a lot going on in all of our lives, but we will do our best to stay in touch with you thru the web site and future calls.

Bruce:  Right now we are in a situation where Iraq is looking to put out their actual rate for their dinar here if they haven’t done it already while I have been on the call. I think we are looking to that possibly any moment. My understanding is their induction to the WTO, World Trade Organization, they need to have that international rate up and actively live beforehand. I don’t know how much before hand, I thought 3 days, but I have heard some really good things about this morning about 11am EST the control situation for Iraq has migrated over to the Central bank of Iraq, CBI, where they have the control on releasing that rate and showing that rate.  That is a real positive step Iraq has done to do what they needed to do to be inducted into the WTOon Friday. That happened at 11am EST this morning.

Bruce:  The quote unquote the announcement from Iraq that has been made. The celebration is going to follow to celebrate they are sovereign, fully liberated from ISIS and back on the world stage as an international trading partner. That celebration as of yesterday, my understanding is that was to begin tomorrow. I haven’t been able to confirm that tonight to know that for sure but that was my understanding yesterday. They ordered in another 160 or 170 more big screens, the Samsungs 100 inch diagonal flat screen TVs. I don’t think it is the jumbo trons. These are additional big screens utilized throughout the country and putting them in place earlier. That will add to their celebratory nature. Big time fireworks, music, and actors to help them celebrate. I am excited for Iraq with that.  I know they are continuing trading that rate on the dinar. The Zim is continuing to be traded a little bit higher. We are not doing rate and date.

Bruce:  There is activity going on, majorly active behind the scenes not just in other parts of the world but here too.  Some of it is so sensitive I can’t talk about it all. It is happening and has been for days. Intel has been very quiet overall in the last two to three days.  We do get bits and pieces of information come through to help us realize for example the exchange locations and Redemption Centers are ready and they have been ready since yesterday on steady high alert, in active status and ready to go for us. They got this thing down to a science now. The Call Centers are activated, they have the personnel to begin all set.

Bruce:  When the time is right and the toll free number comes out, I am honored to say it will come to me first and I will take it and get it back out to the community so all can call and set their appointments. We will put it on the two websites: and  All that have registered on will get an email with the toll free phone number if we are allowed to do that. That is how it will come.

Bruce:  There is quite a bit of activity. President Trump had a very successful trip in the Far East. I know you have seen bits and pieces of that over the last 12 days. He flew out from the Philippines and arrived in Hawaii around noon today. I think that was EST time. I am not sure about that. He suppose to arrive today in Hawaii and then go from Hawaii back over to Andrews Air Force Base and then to the White House.  He may be there now. I don’t know that. I am thinking he is there tonight.  I do know he has some meetings scheduled after he gets in.

I believe we are to have very large announcements by the President tomorrow sometime after 11am EST. I know I believe these announcements will deal with some of the trade deals the President has been able to put together on his travels to the Far East. He has brought quite a bit of trade value to the United States. It is tremendous, a very successful trip.

Bruce:  Will there announcement about the RV, the currency gold back standard? I don’t personally look for an announcement here until they are ready to bring our new currency at the banks. That is when I think, we will get a currency or asset back announcement.  I don’t think we will get that in the AM. Maybe I will be wrong, fooled. I am very excited. I don’t think we will need that.  The only announcement we need is the toll free number be given to me and my release of that number to all in the community. That is what I think about the announcements.

Bruce:  When it comes to the gold standard, here at 2pm EST last Sunday Bit Coin became gold backed as well. That I thought was a tremendous thing. I thought that it is a very positive thing. I know it has gone up in value in the last 24 hours of about $400.  There are things happening out there. Absolutely behind the scenes more than you ever want to know. You don’t want to know all going on behind the scenes. I will say the information that we will probably hear in the next coming days and weeks will probably blow our minds in some cases.

Bruce:  I will say I hope that we are in a position for some of these platforms to start. I heard about that and they are ready to start. People have been waiting to be paid and thinking they are about to be paid.  I think they are about to be paid. SKRs, groups.  All I can say you are in the right place at the right time. Stay patient what is going to be the greatest transfer of wealth of humankind. You are fortunate enough to be born at this time to be part of this opportunity. It is mind bobbling. What we will be able to do for the world and not only for ourselves and our families, but for the world.  The Pastoral Retreat Network and the Veterans Retreat Network project.  Too, the concept of Rebuild America. I think I was the first to come with that. We got some things happening in our government that is mirroring that same concept, the Rebuild America act.

There is activity out there we are tied closely to, and I think we will partner with them as we find out what they plan to do with that program. We are not going to do this with tax money. This is privately supported. We plan to do what we plan to do because of the blessing, and we will be able to make a difference with our cities in 5000 or more across the country. I think others will jump in and will want to be part of it. I am looking for 5,000 listeners who want to be part of this.   You will have the opportunity to do that and choose your cities, towns, and communities you want to help. We will try to put a template out there for you to do that where you live. It will take us a little while for us get this up and running as it will take you time to be up and running with this new wealth.  We will be working on it at the same time. You will be great and fine. I am looking forward to that.

​Bruce:  I will be hiring people to take these visions, hire the teams, men and women to take these visions and make them happen. I can’t do this by myself as you can’t do it by yourself.  Together we will be hiring people to do these projects and get training for those who need training like our veterans.  Our veterans will be our partners doing these projects, and we will be putting them to work in a cool area.  We will have mentorship programs for kids and the youth, and an apprenticeship program. We will have a lot of trades out there such as carpenters, plumbers, brick layers, etc. Many more who will need apprenticeship to learn those trades and they will be good paying jobs. Anyone we hire will get good pay and be proud of the work they will do. We will see to that.

Bruce:  I am excited where we are to the process because every day I hear more and more what is coming together for us, and roughly how close we are and the fact we are right there.  If I try to say it will be a certain date, I will burn myself.  I am still super excited where we are and ready for the toll free number to come to me so I get put it out to you very quickly so you can set your appointments and change your lives.

Bruce:  Thank you all for listening again on this Tuesday. We will be here on this Thursday unless something happens before then.  Stay tune. I will put the number out on our websites: and  You will get emails if you have registered on   Also, we will put the toll free number to couple of other places in the community after we receive it.

Bruce:  I want to thank all for coming in tonight.  Thank you Sue, Bob, and Pastor Steven for being part of my team. Thank you everybody again. We appreciate you and love you. We will talk to you when we talk to you. Good night Everyone.