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11/13/2017  Post 1 & 2  Guru Breitling  …The best strategy you can have is to be able to put different situations in front of you and have a game plan for each and every one of them that comes down.  The top leaders in our country actually put together a strategy, they don’t just pick an A to Z strategy process.  That would mean they know everything, that they would know exactly what’s coming down the road.  And that’s not the case.  That’s never the case.  You have to know the different variables coming down the road and the different possibilities…I want to talk about the rate, there are articles coming out that we have Saudi Arabia pointing their fingers at Iran saying…these missiles coming from Yemen that’s a declaration of war…If there’s going to be an Islamic civil war that’s going to affect Iraq right?  Absolutely it is…remember the Iraqi dinar is completely manipulated..If…IF…there is an Islamic civil war…It’s not a threat to $1.17.......................POST 2)  In other words we’re safe all the way up to $1.17…But if a war actually breaks out…So what’s Iraq’s plan?  Iraq wants to get to $1.17 and then they actually put on the table a different economic plan which get’s them to $3.25.  So that plan is going to be completely put to the wayside until the civil war is over with…IF it comes.  So that’s the threat if they have an Islamic civil war in the Middle East…the $3.25 rate which Iraq wants to get to.  But up to $1.17 you’re fine…I’m not saying they’re going to come out there.  They’ll probably come out way lower and build their way up.  So the turmoil in the middle east is only a threat from $1.17 on up.  Up to $1.17 it is not.  Nothing may come of it but that’s the way you have to plan for it…Here are a couple scenarios that can happen.  And I have a game plan for each and everyone of them.  Some people can stay in and risk because they have a lot more dinar.  Some people, when it revalues at whatever rate, they need to get out.  However it works out but that’s the way it  is.   So remember it’s [Islamic Civil War] a threat to the higher rate not the lower rate…     [PLEASE TAKE COMMENTS POSTED FROM OTHER DINAR SITES AS RUMOR, SPECULATION AND/OR OPINION]