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10/18/2017  Post 1 & 2  Guru Kaperoni   Article:  "Governor of the Central Bank heads to America to attend meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank"  This visit with Allaq is nothing more than a "duckies and bunnies" show.   Those listening to him at the event might believe what he is saying, but those of us who follow and read all the news, reports, etc know the CBI has a lot of work to do if they want international banking (CBI law, deposit insurance, IMF Article VIII compliance, etc.)  Technically, Allaq is correct that he has no restrictions...but that is under Article XIV.............  POST 2)   Quote:  "Iraq continues to avail itself of the transitional arrangements under Article XIV, Section 2 but no longer maintains any exchange restrictions or multiple currency practices subject to Article XIV, Section 2, and currently maintains one exchange restriction and one multiple currency practice (MCP) subject to Fund approval under Article VIII, Sections 2(a) and 3."   They need to payoff Jordan and get the spread within 2%.  The problem is the spread is going in the wrong direction.  Today, it is about 9%.  The gurus are jumping all over this as if to say Iraq is in compliance and currency reform could begin anytime.  Wrong!  They may not disclose the time they begin currency reform, but if they want international banking (freedom of movement of capital)  to perpetuate the influx of investment capital they have lots of work to do.  And we can chart that progress.       [PLEASE TAKE COMMENTS POSTED FROM OTHER DINAR SITES AS RUMOR, SPECULATION AND/OR OPINION]