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10/13/2017  Guru payray  Article:  "Interest in tourism and the promotion of production The most prominent means of financial reform"   Diversifying their economy, and making sure they get more bang for their buck, or dinar in Iraq's case... In a nut shell... They do not want to be so dependent on oil, and the fluctuation of it pricing within the open market... But in order to get to that point, this is going to require more liquidity... Which means they are going to have to "you know what!".... Value, Value, Value, and a little over a half to their currency...  They are certainly prepping Iraq to become a MAJOR economic hub of the Middle East..................... Article:  "The Central Bank calls on ministries to lift the seizure of the funds of the Bank of Economics"  Great news... Can you hear it folks... The economic engine is revving up in Iraq... In preparation to take off at full speed... Hitting the ground running so to speak... And to think we have been brought to this point in order to partake of this part in history...  [PLEASE TAKE COMMENTS POSTED FROM OTHER DINAR SITES AS RUMOR, SPECULATION AND/OR OPINION]