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 10/12/2017  Post 1 & 2  Guru Adam Montana   Lots going on right now. I’ll say one thing for all the rumors… they may not seem to get the “dates” right, but when there’s buzz on all the rumor is usually right in front of a big event.   ...Before Chapter 7, there was a crazy amount of hype. You all know I temper my posts, in an effort to keep people grounded, but even I got pretty excited about that event.  It was a major milestone, and a significant key to Iraq’s progress.  The rumor sites all promised an RV at that time, and it was certainly a possibility, but we all know it wasn’t a certainty............... Post 2)   When Abadi vs Maliki was happening, that was another major step for Iraq. Again, it wasn’t a promise of immediate RV, but let’s face it - a major change in value of the Dinar was never going to happen with Maliki at the helm. Maliki simply had no reason to act in Iraq’s best interest when he had such a huge ability to pilfer the system under his power. I firmly believe that Abadi is not like Maliki, and when he won that battle, our landscape changed for the better...but even that was not enough. There was still the issue of the HCL, which MUST be resolved before (or simultaneously with) an RV.   Now let’s look at today...this immediate point in time, where once again the rumor mills are churning and people are getting excited.  I’m going to make two specific statements right now, and I hope they stick:  1. None of the gurus can call the Date.   2. Despite #1 above, the current level of activity is not to be ignored. Things ARE happening.    [PLEASE TAKE COMMENTS POSTED FROM OTHER DINAR SITES AS RUMOR, SPECULATION AND/OR OPINION]