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10/9/2017 Guru chattels   [reference Guru chattels post 10-8-2017]   The value is 1258 per the news. I was simply giving a perspective as to the " lowest " in recent months.  [SO DOES THAT MEAN THE VALUE OF THE DINAR HAS CHANGED, I WAS ALWAYS TOLD,(IF) THE VALUE CHANGED, YOU WOULD SEE IT ON THE (CBI) SITE. SO FAR IT HAS NOT CHANGED ON THE (CBI) SITE.]  The market rate changes, not the official or program rate. There is a spread or variance between the official / supported rate. Street value if you like. It is what the dollar exchanges for real value / dinar in the marketplace of Iraq.  [ I GUESS FOR TRADING PURPOSES.]  Yes, generally speaking. The CBI quit posting the market rate some months ago. The market rate is now reported by the Stock exchange(s). Even that varies in areas of Iraq.  It is the rate that Kap [Guru Kaperoni] says must be within 2% of the official rate. Or approximately 1203...   (Referenced post from 10/8/2017 >>>  Guru chattels   Article:  "A slight rise in the dollar against the dinar on the Iraqi stock exchanges 07/10/2017"    Quote: "The Iraqi National News Agency (NINA) / The dollar exchange rate today rose slightly against the dinar exchange rate in foreign currency markets in Iraq."    1248 is the lowest exchange rate of the dollar against the dinar in some time now.)     [PLEASE TAKE COMMENTS POSTED FROM OTHER DINAR SITES AS RUMOR, SPECULATION AND/OR OPINION]