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Sunday PM KTFA Members
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10/8/2017  Sunday PM KTFA MEMBERS


Aggiedad77:  STRONGLY IMO........they are laying out a plan of action here not just for now, but the next 10 years..(see article below) ..doing it in TWO stages and going to get the private sector to be a big part of the plan....

Why.....because this is exactly how a country who is an international leader would do things.....they know it is a TEAM effort and everyone needs to be involved....especially today's YOUTH as they grow into the workforce of tomorrow....and no I'm not referring to "child labor" here.....but the up and coming young adults who will help to mold this country into a greatness their families have not seen in recent decades......

An open market economy.....screams of internationalism.....a free economy....does the same thing.....the game plan lays here in front of you.....

Abadi needs to light the fireworks with his speech IMO.....and we will see a display of colors like no other as things progress at a rate that will blur the mind....again all IMO.   Aloha    Randy

Walkingstick:   Involve the private sector to prepare development plans

And the transition to an open market economy

Baghdad / Farah Al-Khafaf

An economic analyst called for strengthening the partnership between the public and private sectors for the successful implementation and completion of plans set by the Ministry of  Planning.

The Minister of Planning d. Salman al-Jumaili has confirmed earlier that the next stage (the post-liberation phase and ending in "Iraq"), will witness broad economic and investment trends within the framework of the reconstruction and development of liberated areas, focusing on the development of the private sector and the business environment, In line with the government's efforts to develop economic and investment plans for the post-urging period.

And the ability of potential economic analyst Rahim Shammari counting " the private sector backbone of the development of the national economy , " noting that he is working to provide financial liquidity to the state treasury, and has the ability and potential to make a real leap in the country 's economy.

Al-Shammari said in his statement to Sabah that this important and vital sector needs several elements, most notably the issuance of legislation to support its work, which lies with the government and parliament, in addition to providing facilities and partnership in economic and investment directions and plans.

The next stage The Minister of Planning, at an earlier conference organized by the Iraqi Embassy in Britain in cooperation with the Arab-British Chamber of Commerce and Industry, concerning investment, trade and reconstruction in Iraq, presented a vision for the next stage. Al-Jumaili pointed out that his ministry, in cooperation with national and international partners, has identified development paths that are consistent with the global trends to achieve the goals of sustainable development until 2030. The work is under way to prepare the five-year national development plan (2018-2022).

Employment of crises

The Ministry of Planning has prepared a detailed plan for the reconstruction of the liberated areas for the period 2027-2017 based on the economic and social recovery of these areas, by focusing on the vulnerable groups and empowering the youth and enhancing their basic capacities. Link the reconstruction plan to the next two national development plans (2022-2018) and the second (2027-2023) to ensure their implementation and provide the necessary funds to complete infrastructure projects and achieve economic, human and social development.

The economic analyst Shammari stressed the need to involve the private sector in the development plans set by the government, as required by the business environment in Iraq, in addition to support and guarantees that achieve polarization and investment of capital according to the principle of partnership, to rotate the economy and move towards a free economy, , And this is consistent with the trends towards the transition to an open market economy adopted by Iraq constitutionally.

GMan:  Implementation and completion huge .


Walkingstick:  Najaf goldsmith: Gold accumulation cost us two and a half million dollars a week

Al-Najah province of Najaf called on Sunday to open ports in the airports of Basra, Baghdad and Najaf gold trading, pointing out that they lose a week two million and a half million dollars because of the accumulation of gold.

"We ask the prime minister personally to open other ports at the airports of Basra, Najaf and Baghdad for the circulation of gold," he said in a conference.

He called on the jeweler to "release a jeweler who was arrested for transporting alloys at Najaf airport."

"They lose a million and a half million dollars a week because gold is stacked and not traded now," he added.   LINK


JesusLovesBaseball: Railways confirm the transfer of 232 containers from Basrah to Baghdad over the past weeks

4 hours ago

The Iraqi Railways Company announced on Sunday that it had transferred 232 containers with its specialized trucks from the port of Umm Qasr to Sharm el-Shalahia in the past few weeks.

"This hard and rapid work by all efforts in the Basra region and the central transport, operation and control section on the arrival of goods quickly, safely and accurately in time, not to mention the wages of private rail transport to compete with the private sector," said General Manager Salam Jabr in a statement.

He added that "the volume of transport capacity by rail leads to maximize the financial resources of the company and since the rail national carrier and enjoy all the advantages of transport as a long-established institutions to transport passengers and goods to own fleets of specialized transport trucks."

Walkingstick:  Economic maturity

Dr.. In the name of Brahimi

The Prime Minister and the formation of the Supreme Committee for Investment in Iraq under his chairmanship and the membership of a number of relevant ministries to consider the proposals and steps that can contribute to facilitate the completion of investment projects, especially the strategy, which many of them, "outstanding" did not benefit the citizen or the investor.

The first step was the establishment of the National Coordination Council to improve the direct investment environment and develop policies that help to increase the competitiveness of local products. The second step was the establishment of the National Coordinating Council to improve the environment for direct investments. In the establishment of the International Advisory Council, which includes the executive directors of the top twenty foreign companies in Turkey to attend a working day with the Turkish Prime Minister and Minister of State for the economy to address the problems of investors and come out with a number of recommendations each time.

These measures have contributed to improving the investment environment and attract foreign capital and from various countries until the investment in Turkey reached about 15 billion dollars annually, thus becoming one of the most polarizing countries for foreign investment, although some believe Turkey has reported much of the good situation it enjoys Politically and securityally compared to other countries in the Middle East, especially with the change that hit many of them, which was competing with Turkey to attract foreign capital, but the experience has succeeded.

In order to benefit from the experiences of others and in the framework of enhancing the investment environment in Iraq, other steps must be taken to support the formation of the Higher Investment Committee. As well as the importance of dealing with cases of corruption that led to the withdrawal of foreign and domestic capital as well. In this context, it is necessary to review the evaluation of the efficiency and integrity of departments in investment bodies in  general.

I think that the time has come for such courageous steps, especially as we finish the military page and move on to face the economic benefits that will be the decisive factor in evaluating the performance of the government and chart the lines of our economic future.

Boxman: Dang WS...had to break out fire extinguisher ..the articles are so hot

Frank26:  YES !!! .................... Very very intresting articles.