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10/8/2017  (posted late evening 10/7/2017)  Guru Mnt Goat   Article:  "ECONOMIST: IRAQ CANNOT TRADE IN LOCAL CURRENCY"  Quote:  "IRAQ'S AGREEMENT WITH OTHER COUNTRIES TO TRADE THROUGH THE LOCAL CURRENCY AND ABANDON THE DOLLAR WOULD BE POSITIVE PAYOFFS ON THE ECONOMIC SITUATION, explained that Iraq could not take such steps at the moment because of the weak economy and the lack of a national industry."   What they are saying is they would luv to trade in dinars but can’t due to the economic sanctions still imposed upon their country of Iraq. These sanctions remain until they get the economy stable. But this is amazing news since it tells us future plans and desire to use the dinar...................... Guru Mnt Goat   Article:  "ECONOMIC RECOMMENDATIONS FOR THE INTEGRATION OF IRAQ TO THE UNION OF THE GULF COOPERATION COUNCIL"   Quote:  "The forum, ...sought to boost the Jordanian-Gulf economic development by opening new partnerships between business owners, reflecting the economies of both sides and activating the trade exchange movement."   Can you see how Iraq joining the GCC all ties together with wanting to trade using the dinar...(currencies of their own countries).  [PLEASE TAKE COMMENTS POSTED FROM OTHER DINAR SITES AS RUMOR, SPECULATION AND/OR OPINION]   Referenced Article in GET FORUM (posted 10/6):,71421.0.html  AND for 2nd Article Referenced:,71445.0.html
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