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National Alliance calls for political blocs to get away from the differences to fight Daash

BAGHDAD - Ibrahim Kikhany
The President of the National Alliance, the Office of Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari, on Thursday, the coalition held a meeting attended by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi called through to the cemented home front away from any differences to fight Daash, while hailed the victories of the popular crowd and security forces in the war against Daash terrorist, calling at a time the same political blocs to put aside their differences and stay away from any practices that will devote sectarianism.
He said al-Jaafari's office in a statement: "Sky Press," received a copy of it, that last "chaired a meeting of the body leading Iraqi National Alliance in the presence of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi," adding that "the meeting discussed during the meeting of the security situation and developments in the confrontation with terrorism in various fronts, especially my forehead Anbar and Mosul, and the progress of the armed forces and members of the crowd folk heroes of the victories in the liberation of Fallujah process. "
The statement added that "the meeting praised these victories, humanitarian and responsible performance for the children of the armed forces and the popular crowd in the implementation of their missions combat stressing that the crowd and security forces Hvazawa the lives of civilians who have been exploited Daash terrorist gangs as human shields away from any excesses."
She stressed leadership in its statement "the importance cemented the home front, and maintain the unity of the class, and the mobilization of the entire war effort to achieve the ultimate victory over the terrorists Daash."
He Jaafari's office that "the meeting also called on all political forces to distance any differences, and not to go out on the principle of constructive dialogue with each other", demanding political blocs to "stay away from any practice that would devote differences among Iraqi political parties."
And The Home Front National Alliance has seen significant conflicts and disagreements between the masses and failed to hold regular meetings of the Alliance and the differences in the election of a new president of the National Alliance.
Last month, the military and counter-terrorism forces and factions of the popular crowd began with the support of coalition air strikes to the US-led campaign to restore the city of Fallujah.