Author Topic: Commerce decided to launch the sale of construction materials on credit to all  (Read 97 times)

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 Commerce decided to launch the sale of construction materials on credit to all ministries

The Ministry of Commerce, on Thursday, launched the sale of construction materials by payment on credit to all ministries by the General Company for trading of construction materials.

According to General Manager Adnan Jassim Abdullah said in a statement received by the agency / information / he "discussed issues related to the implementation of the import and marketing plans and to discuss the proposed plans to market the slow movement of materials and the conduct of a proper glass ones and the injured, as well as follow-up transfers material between the branches of the process according to the needs and asked other branches ".

He stressed "the need to consolidate the company's relationship with provincial assemblies and councils of reconstruction by developing and maintaining relationships with those branches authorities, especially since the country is entering a rebuilding campaign and wide and will be witnessed by a large liberated provinces of Daash terrorist gangs."

He stressed "the need to announce tenders to all discreet international companies producing construction materials in the next few days, taking into account the rigorous study of proteobacteria prices taking place in the commercial market,"