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 Economic circles is liquid gas export "achievement" and asserts: we waste a lot of money to import

Promised Iraqi economic circles, on Thursday, the export of Iraqi gas liquid "achievement", despite delays in the move, and with the country's need for dry gas indicated to turn on the vacuum its stations and the lack of infrastructure to produce it, they stressed waste of Iraq a lot of money to import dry gas and not to build the ranks of investment fashion.
The Iraqi Oil Ministry announced (20 March 2016) to export the first shipment of gas condensate (liquid) from the production of Basrah Gas Company through the port to export gas in the Southern Gas Company, and as revealed that the shipment at a rate of 10 thousand cubic meters and by 7 thousand tons, confirmed the massive gas export is without the need to contract work for the existence of demand for the material.
The deputy chairman of the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary Ali Qubool Bahadli in an interview (range Press), "The timing of the export and import of types of gas did not come from a vacuum, The subject of gas export liquid came after efforts by my company Basra and Shell combined with it."
Bahadli and that "this achievement score of Iraq despite the delay in this step, but in return we are still suffering from the same sector, we need a certain type of gas which is dry in order to turn on the vacuum of our stations and this type is largely unavailable in Iraq Vendtr to import it."
For his part, an expert on oil affairs Hamza Jeweler in an interview with (long-Presse), said that "the gas issue is a liquid gas (heavy parts of the gas), which are in liquid form and this is what is doing the Basra Gas Company with Shell and Mitsubishi," noting that "the gas that comes from Iran for the operation of electric gas stations dry natural gas is a high proportion of methane."
He Jeweler The "dry gas can not be exported only through two ways, the first is piped or through cooled to below 162 ° C until it turns into a liquid and can be transported via a private tankers to the sea, such as what is now doing the State of Qatar and the property is not available to us." .
Jeweler "The gas that we export is possible to exploit well refineries and produce gasoline High-octane and there expand and develop refineries operations in addition to the new refineries that are held in the provinces of Karbala, Maysan," pointing to "the possibility of taking advantage of this type of gas and turn it into high gasoline octane in case this new refineries is completed. "
In turn, he said the oil parliamentary member Awad al-Awadi, in an interview with (long-Presse), said that "Iraq could produce nearly more than 2000 Mqmq and this production can be running all the power stations gas," pointing out that Iraqi production is up a day to 1100 Mqmq "
Among al-Awadi, that "there is a big waste of gas, but in all cases, the dependence on gas stations better than to rely on the stations that operate gas oil, because the latter is more expensive than dry gas."
Al-Awadi said that "Iraq has a self-sufficiency of liquid gas and at the same time, there is no infrastructure to export this gas, export the fact that very slowly be over the steamer from the ports and not through the pipes."
He noted a member of the parliamentary energy committee that "Iraq weak to establish refineries across the investment and we find there is a big importers of gas and the cost Iraq a big money he could have invested at home."