Author Topic: Joint Operations announces the formal launch of the liberalization of Nineveh a  (Read 102 times)

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 Joint Operations announces the formal launch of the liberalization of Nineveh and emphasizes provide military forces

BAGHDAD / ... announced the Joint Special Operations Command, on Thursday, formally starting the process of editing the vicinity of Nineveh province to liberate the city of Mosul , the provincial capital of Daash terrorist gangs which captured the city in June 2014.

A statement by the cell media war of the Joint Operations "Eye Iraq News" received a copy of it, that " the armed forces began within the definitive liberation of Nineveh and the pieces thereto and the forces of the popular crowd and three axes in the implementation of the first page of conquest operations where troops Tkhaddo in these hours operations military of the three axes, as it moves towards the planned objectives within the first page. "

The statement pointed out that " the promise of victory has begun where he was editing the village of victory and raise the Iraqi flag in the edit village Krmendi flap Iraqi flag on them, as has been edited village Kvelh and Khrbirdan and raising the Iraqi flag over them," noting that " the bombing of two wheels bombs and military forces are still progressing . " .

She stressed that the joint operations " of the armed forces and a counter - terrorism and the popular crowd and federal police and security forces all engaged in daily battles against the terrorist gangs and check Daash victories in Khalidiya Island and parts of western Anbar, south of Mosul at the same time ."

He pointed out that "In the breakers and other operations take place Asthoudarat for new battles to clear all areas that are still usurped these terrorist gangs."

The statement called on "all citizens to stay away from any gathering or headquarters Aomkhazn belonging to the terrorist gangs Daash because it targets will be destroyed during the next hours and days."