Author Topic: Phone companies (Zain and Korek and Asiacell) not held accountable tax  (Read 77 times)

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Phone companies (Zain and Korek and Asiacell) not held accountable tax

BAGHDAD / revealed the Integrity Commission for not settling accounts tax with some mobile phone companies operating in Iraq, while suggesting a lack of GCT Bank information lead them to a thorough report on the amount withdrawn tax.
The authority said in a statement received / JD / copy of it: that the mobile inspection teams of the Commission conducted surprise visits to some ministries and government institutions and departments; to stand close eye on the level of services and monitor irregularities and cons and documented, and media officials and urged them to take the necessary measures to address the measures.
Included Visits public body was for taxes and branches in Karrada, Baya and Arboretum and the New Baghdad and al-Karkh center and the periphery and Kadhimiya and Adhamiya and the people, the public and the Authority for گmarگ and branches in Ahalچah airport and Central in Abu Ghraib, as well as national retirement board and the pension fund of state employees.
According to a statement of integrity that the difference report cited a number of observations and the duties and proposals contained in the report of the Authority teams phones, which were the result of a sudden a group of field visits carried out by the teams of the institutions referred to.
The report sent and pointed a copy to the Minister of Finance Office, in respect of the General Authority for taxes and its subsidiaries, that tax work may be a source of corruption in some respects; because of the failure of the procedures and limitations of some tax laws, at a time which depends budgets of many countries on the import tax, the Iraq's budget remained put it in the door of secondary resources.
The report promised a lack of public body was taxed to the Bank of information lead them to an accurate report of the amount withdrawn tax and its dependence on traditional management and the old methods in the tax levy with a lack of imports and scarcity, as well as the lack of professional staff efficient and disparity in the application of laws and regulations implemented, and the absence of deterrent measures against senior taxpayers, reasons the weakness of the tax work.
Among the monitoring team in the Directorate lack of deterrent measures against senior taxpayers to pay what discharged from the tax benefits may sometimes amounting to billions of dinars, surprisingly meager amount imposed by the law, a financial fine for the non-payment and it does not increase in the best cases, the The amount of 500 thousand dinars, as well as a decline in the annual survey of small projects and real estate tax Balthacb own.
The report asked about the reason for non-tax amounts of Internet companies and wireless phone are met (mobile) in Iraq, surprising not to make my company (Cork) and (Zain) any charge for a tax within the scope of the license, which are working in the country, in addition to Asiacell, where called first (Cork) it is based repayment in the Kurdistan region, and this is contrary to what came in the license terms, it abstained second (Zain) for payment; due to the first payment (Cork) and demanded to be treated similarly.
The report warned of what he called term deal for neutrality with some companies operating in Iraq, I found the difference to the review of the reports of foreign deputations to employees of the General Authority for taxes on calls and Aivadat officials and managers and Mkhmnin at the expense of foreign companies operating in Iraq, Mchkchin lack of feasibility of these deputations, and move away themes from the jurisdiction of the delegates, as well as the jurisdiction of the sending companies.
And increased uncertainty causes and objectives of those Alaivadat absence of written invitations from their own administrative section and not save them except for one book only.
He complained auditors of cases of extortion practiced by some branches of the staff of the Authority for taxes, taking advantage of the existence of a problem with the restrictions prevention, seizure and similarity of names; for the purpose of granting clearance for the taxpayers, as well as the presence of a large number of commentators who roam these branches, and the lack of levying tax on universities and schools eligibility and Internet towers operating in the country.
The monitoring team of several irregularities in the work of the Authority to گmarگ and its subsidiaries, which included non-compliance with the regulations and instructions to take up positions at border crossing points that define this particular job where a maximum of one year, the team someone, for example, the continuation of Basra port director for several years, where the extension of the term in office for several years, contrary to the rules and instructions, and the widespread use of write-offs white ink on many Alگmrگah permits which may lead to manipulation in the shipment involved and the amounts withdrawn by type.
The team stopped on the lack of seriousness of the GCT and its branches in Baghdad and the provinces to pursue specific differences charges that appear as a result of scrutiny permits Alگmrگah completed for several years, which may amount to too many exaggerated, Mchkchin not be able to check permits for the year 2014 until the date of preparation of the report.
The report pointed out the inadequacy of the current location of the Directorate of گmarگ central region in Abu Ghraib in terms of security; because of exposure to more than once to the bombing of terrorist groups, and therefore it does not meet the purpose and need for their sake, which was found to provide services to citizens.
The report monitoring the presence of nearly 850 reserved wheel in this headquarters, where he has not taken thereon decisive action, despite long periods later, under fire and theft, as well as the monitoring team of the phenomenon of the feet of some of the companies to give fake addresses; in order to avoid paying the tax.
Regarding the work of the General Department of pension, the report of the Ministry of Finance has called for the need to find practical and effective to the phenomenon of crowding in the retirement community, which is now is the phenomenon can not be tolerated solutions, in a number of visits to the retirement community team has observed that some of the windows audited hotly crowded can not be with him View employee who would conduct such transactions; which may cause an outbreak of cases of fraud and bribery, demanding to go beyond the problems that accompany the work of the smart card (Ki-card) such as thefts that may occur to the salaries of some retired by the company's outlets, especially in the Kurdistan region and Exchange amounts despite the existence of arrests issued against the owners and the similarity of fingerprints of some reviewers.
Among the proposed report the use of modern software, and the reform of the tax system, activate the tariff Alگmrگah law, and resolve the issue of mobile phone companies, and issuing receipts protect the security specifications of high quality to ensure no fraud, and activation instructions General Conditions of the Special Secretariat for the Council of Ministers the selection of managers and employees in government outlets, and activating the people and the Department of retirement in the ministries to curb extreme momentum for the auditors to public pension circles.
He stressed the importance of activating the role of field teams composed to accomplish pension transactions to the martyrs of the popular crowd and internal security forces and give them priority; recognition of the sacrifices made by them to defend the honor of the nation, and the need to direct coordination; for the issuance of death certificates and Qassam legitimate councils investigative, and follow the modern electronic mechanisms for the issuance of those documents, and work to remove the rings routine.