Author Topic: Political circles: fully agree on the need to reform and its inevitability  (Read 97 times)

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 Political circles: fully agree on the need to reform and its inevitability

3/23/2016 0:00

Baghdad Muhannad Abdul Wahab Shaima Rashid
Confirmed political circles match the document comprehensive and fundamental reforms put forward by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi with paragraphs in a statement cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, but pointed out that the contents of the document and the statement to respond to popular demands expressed by the demonstrations and sit-ins, indicating that all political parties and blocs believes that reform a necessity to build a civil state to ensure a dignified and secure life for all its citizens. MP for the rule of law Abbas al-Bayati explained that everyone is walking in one path to reform and change, calling on the prime minister to give a wider space of freedom in the choice of ministers in consultation and coordination with the political blocs.

A road map for reform

Al-Bayati said in an interview with «morning»: The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has a vision and a road map regarding reforms to resolve to change the file cabinet and must be treated the political blocs with him until complete file, indicating that there is a committee made up of 11 people representing the three presidencies and parliamentary blocs are cooperating with Abadi and help him quickly complete the file cabinet changes.
Al-Bayati said that there is an agreement on the necessity and inevitability of reform and change, both from the protesters or the chief executive and the three presidencies and parliamentary blocs, pointing out that the reform and change requires three conditions to reach the desired goal.
Among al-Bayati said the first requirement is cooperation and agreement and support the reform plan put forward by al-Abadi with giving him ample opportunity to translate the plan into swift action, while the second thing is the speed at discount and take advantage of the time he was little which is important in order to send a message of confidence and contentment of the masses demanding reform.
And on the third condition, al-Bayati said that work on the speed of finding a kind of required between what we want and what we seek and what we can balance it because there are things that need time to be implemented and there are other things may soon complete a cabinet reshuffle.

Urgent desire for change

While the MP for the National Coalition olive-Dulaimi pointed out that the word al-Sadr expressed his wishes and demands of the people pressing for change, indicating that all the political blocs are also presented its vision of change and how it is implemented in.
Dulaimi said, in an interview for »Sabah»: The leader of the Sadrist movement, pointed out in his statement to several points respond to the demands of the people, indicating that these points should take the Prime Minister on his reform program.
Dulaimi said that the comprehensive change and reform the fundamental demands of the people insist on meeting them and represent a real need for an ambitious project to all spectrums of people, warning that put sticks in the wheel or Tsoevha reforms could cause chaos and loss of large difficult to control them.
She called al-Dulaimi, all political parties and blocs represented in the House of Representatives to meet the legitimate demands of the people as represented by their elected by them, and as pointed out that the Prime Minister will announce a change nine ministries on Saturday, confirmed that al-Abadi was determined to walk the path of reform, according to the timetables and stages, the first phase will be a change from nine ministries and the second other ministries may integrate with each other, and the third phase change in the independent bodies and general managers and others.

Reform popular demand

While the MP for the coalition of Iraqi forces and Healing Abdel Azim confirmed that the demands of Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr is popular demands to conduct comprehensive reforms, in harmony with what called by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi We must invest time and work quickly to carry out reforms that can now be applied.
He called Healing, in an interview for »morning», the political blocs to respond to popular demands, which he described as »legitimate», pointing out that these blocks were chosen by the people and must respond to the wishes and Ttalaaath.ohdd Healing that the Government should discuss these demands and take measures that are commensurate with its size, especially the prime minister fired a close-reform chime with those demands, warning that the achievement of the legitimate demands will save everyone time and effort and spare the country of division.
Healing and explained that the construction of the state will not only be the achievement of societal peace between the components of the people in addition to providing all the services that help sustain life and to overcome all the difficulties in front of the citizen.

Early elections

In turn, the Islamic Virtue Party, called on the House of Representatives to discuss the formation of a new election Commission and amending the election law in preparation for the holding of early elections.
The General Secretariat of the party, in a statement received «morning»: The General Secretariat of the party held an extraordinary meeting in Baghdad to follow up on the general situation in the country and proposed projects for the purpose of government reform and state-building, headed by the Secretary General of the Party and the presence of the parliamentary bloc of members and secretaries of the party in the provinces, noting that the meeting discussed various projects adopted by the political blocs in the rhetoric Kmenahj proposed reform and the importance of standardization in the mosque of a national project that can be passed in the Alberlman.oodhav statement that the attendees stressed the need for the restructuring of the electoral Commission in accordance with the standards of professional competence and independence, and amending the election law to ensure fair representation of the categories of people and the various segments of preparation for early elections, and without the provision of the two submitted electoral process will not produce any situation positively received by the Iraqi people.

Abolition of political quotas

In the meantime, MP for the Liberal bloc Abdul Aziz Dalimy saw that the leader of the Sadrist movement claims fit with the aspirations of the Iraqi society, which aspires to achieve a state of institutions which protect all the rights and the eradication of corruption, which the state necrosis and support young people and provide all the community services that help correct mistakes committed by the quota policy. Dalimy added, in an interview for »morning», the most prominent demands demanded by Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr abolition of political quotas that have divided people, so it was his focus on building a real state of institutions that serve the Iraqi citizen, stressing the importance of the political blocs are understanding of the reality experienced by the citizen Iraq's delay in achieving all the demands for it rose up against corruption and political quotas.