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COFFEE WITH MAC 3/24/2016 10:07AM EDT
« on: March 24, 2016, 10:49:29 AM »
COFFEE WITH MAC 3/24/2016 10:07AM EDT
arizona49:  mac Good morning Has the snow melted yet?
mac:  Nope. We got 19-24 inches yesterday.
arizona49:  OMG wow, had no idea you got that much
mac:  OK enough about weather. Any body figure out why Rhouhani is coming on sat. when the IMF,WB,UN heads will be in Iraq?
mac:  Rhouhani won't be visiting their parliament, so why show up?
arizona49:  Central Bank of Iraq and his Iranian counterpart to sign a memorandum of understanding for cooperation banking
mac:  Abadi wont be attending parl on Sat either.
arizona49:  If what we are reading is true, signing the banking cooperation agreement w/Iraq
mac:  yes?
mac:  It's like each family member inviting their own guest over on the same day and time.
.BJ:  we can only pray that they have invited these guest over to celerbrate a new economy in Iraq
bigsammie:  Thought they were trying to rid Iraq of Iranian influence?
mac:  And BTW if you havent figured it out yet, if an article appears by the military stating "liberation" that probably means they are cleaning up. Cause you never want the next days headline to be "Liberation attempt failed"
mac:  BIG, they are thats what makes this so odd. But I think the religious order is more out of sync between Iraq and Iran more so than the political side of it.
mac:  Biggie, the political side shows them making agreements and increasing trade etc. Militarily, the conscription law closes any influence Iran may have on Iraq in that aspect.
bigsammie:  Ok. Just struck me as a little odd, too. L O L
mac:  And now he (Rhouhani) is coming for a visit? Last visit was from Qud forces commander around early March. Hmmmmmmm?????????????
arizona49:  Something is brewing
bigsammie:  Sure looks that way, AZ.
.BJ:  we can pray it is a big cup of rv
arizona49:  What IDK, wish I was a fly on the wall
arizona49:  I stay grounded and very faithful
mac:  ok all gotta go. As we enter this easter weekend, remember that no greater sacrifice will be made on your behalf ever again so you may attain a treasure greater than all the worlds wealth bunched together. And it was all done ............. for love. See you all tomorrow.
arizona49:  Mac we will be closed all day tomorrow, & Monday....reopen next Tues
arizona49:  mac  Amen, thank you and hang in there, spring will show up there very soon!!!!!  God Bless you and yours