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3/21/2016 Guru Mnt Goat
« on: March 21, 2016, 10:34:43 PM »
 3/21/2016  Guru Mnt Goat    “The Pressure is Building”   There was a ton of news...It came at us like a running bull once the protestors took to the streets again and crossed over into the green zone. This scared many of these politicians and so finally we began to see some real action towards movement of the Abadi reforms for his cabinet reshuffle.   The only hope is that they too can perform and can get the job done without the level of corruption we have seen by their predecessors.  Iraq got the majority of the much needed laws (at this point in time of what is needed), we now have a heightened awareness of the crimes committed by Maliki and his goons, the citizens and religious leaders are now driving the pressure for now is that Iranian influence must end, ISIS is almost under control (their last stronghold is Mosul), IMF is now working closely with the CBI to align the banking systems and financial systems, the financial and political paths have not yet converged, no RV has taken place.  Right now I still hold the conviction of mid March to mid April for an RV.  I can only relate the news given to the possibility of the RV according to what they tell us. Will it happen?  Events change and the process can speed up or slow down. We wait and see.  As I said many times the RV is a by-product of the process, the end result and not the main driving force. It will simply happen when the conditions are right.