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3/20/2016 Late Evening Guru Tlar
« on: March 21, 2016, 09:37:12 AM »
3/20/2016 Late Evening Guru Tlar   The political problems are serious and hopefully they will be resolved as fast as they can be peacefully.  I believe the economic problems will also be resolved when they are ready to be resolved.  Most folks in dinar land see these two issues as intertwined and it may well be, but I tend to think of these two issues as separate issues meaning they are not necessarily intertwined whereby the political issues have to be resolved first in order for the economy to be started.  I see them as two separate issues with equal importance. There are many countries with political issues that still have internationally accepted currencies..............The question in my mind is only this.  Is the government considered stable enough.  That is a question left to better minds than I have, but in my mind, the Iraqi government is as stable even with all its problems, as many who are openly trading in the world. No promises and don't hold me too it but I think Iraq is on track to join the world economy whether the government is done or not.  I am still very hopeful that it is this month on or before March 31st.  There are more than just a few signs that at least that is a target in my mind.  Whether they hit it maybe another thing altogether.