Author Topic: Maliki's coalition: Early elections rescue of Iraq and must hold them before the  (Read 232 times)

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Maliki's coalition: Early elections rescue of Iraq and must hold them before the Commission reform

BAGHDAD / ... saw MP for the rule of law Ibtisam al- Hilali, Saturday, that the early elections in the country will be a factor to calm the current situation as well as the salvation of the economic, financial and political crises, as demonstrated that early elections needs many things that must be pre - configured to take place.

She said Hilali's "Eye of Iraq News," that " the financial, economic and political crises witnessed by the country in the absence of proper ways to find solutions in the process of overcoming them, became the order of holding early elections in Iraq is inevitable to save the country from the serious crises in addition to calm public outrage at the street Iraq failed over the provision of services and the needs of the citizens initial government policies. "

" The early elections in Iraq need things that many must be configured before you start to take place," noting that "among those Alamuar save money crisis , to hold early elections, as well as to be a restructuring of the Electoral Commission work for the elections in order to ensure transparency . " .

It is said that the religious authority , Sheikh Mohammed al - Yacoubi, Saturday, has confirmed today that one of the possible solutions put forward on reforms is to hold early elections after the formation of a genuine independent election Commission of national professionals objective, as well as amending the election law.