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3/19/2016 Guru Mnt Goat
« on: March 19, 2016, 07:45:18 PM »
 3/19/2016 Guru Mnt Goat   As I have been telling everyone there are two paths that must converge in order to see the dinar RV. These paths include the political and the financial reforms. We know the needed laws to satisfy both paths and we have see the stalling now mostly on the political side of the last remaining laws by the State of law coalition and in particular the Dowa party.  We know we must see a stable and secure gov’t before any RV. Iraq still has not met this requirement as long as these corrupt officials remain..............Article quote:  "He said the US ambassador to Baghdad, Stuart Jones, the difficult financial situation that Iraq is going through now, pointing to the country's need to find a free and diversified economy."  Once again we see the political side using the terms FREE and DIVERSIFIED to describe the economy that is needed. Most importantly a FREE economy meaning to get out of the “closed” economy and go global. So what comes first the cart or the horse? At some point they must make the move to a global economy and do it even in spite of the remaining political challenges. So the pressure builds in this area too (the financial path).