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Thoughts From Dr. Clarke Early Saturday Evening 3-19-16
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Thoughts From Dr. Clarke Early Saturday Evening 3-19-16

DR. CLARKE: Thank You Dinar Recaps. Your Intention from the beginning, was to bring people together, not tear them apart. This is evident, by the way you devote your valuable time night & day, to helping others via information, so that EVERYONE can have a better life. This is a Labor of Love. Humanitarian in fact.

I want to say a few extra things today, because it’s Now time, and well, I have the time this morning. I’d encourage you to keep this particular post copied to reference back to, as time passes, for a Reminder to you, as things move forward.

There are ALWAYS going to be those that agree with you, and Love you - and those that do Not - no matter who you are, what you have, don’t have or what you Believe in. Our job (All of Us human family) is NOT to expect everyone to agree with us, all the time - for that would be Control.

Our job IS to be who we really are, and express ourselves, regardless of anyone else’s opinion. That is our Free Will, and what makes our human existence go round - it creates diversity, for the human family to play this game, we call Life.

I (we) decided to enter this discussion publicly, back a couple months ago in January, ONLY on Dinar Recaps, for a reason - because of the Timing. For years, from a distance, we’ve been watching and listening to blogs, conference calls - the thirst for knowledge, the anticipation, the excitement, the planning, the dreaming - and also the disappointment, the fears, the blaming, the ridicule, the scandals, the lying, the cheating, the anger, the desperation and SO MUCH FALSE INFORMATION over & over - we call it “SPINNING”.

Almost ALL of it, has come from this high expectation excitement, of “It’s going to happen ANY MINUTE, Any TIME, Tomorrow morning, Tonight, This afternoon at 3 pm - then backed up by “This is Why, this is Why, this is Why”. Thus “Spinning”, day to day, week to week, month to month and year to year - creates tremendous stress in the physical body - namely illness, over time.

I remember, especially about 2 years ago, when 1,000’s of people were literally staying up all night, waiting on a phone call to go to the banks - every weekend, over & over, week after week after week, because these conference calls were convincing them, just by the tone of their voice, that it’s “Right Now - any Minute - Get Ready, Be Ready. - stressing people out to the max, when as it turns out, Iraq wasn’t anywhere near, to increasing the rate for International exchangeability.

Now, Today, you are learning to follow your OWN feelings, and what you need to do to balance your life, in a more productive way. The Intention of others, is not always for the Best, in our behalf, but theirs. You’re learning to not always listen to what is said, or even written - even if it comes from credible sources, including the public media. In fact, you must question, even what WE say, and see how it resonates in the core within you. There are always those who want to twist good things into, not so good things, in order to instill Fear, as some type of conspiracy, that will keep you doubting and in fear - and always so they gain “something”. It’s been going on for 1,000’s of years. After it happens so many times, then we learn.

Again we’ll say it. We have NOTHING to Prove here, or gain by contributing our information. We want no Money, no Fame, No applause, No recognition, No grouping, No Agenda, No Conspiracy, No World movement & we don’t Work for Anyone or in behalf of anyone’s interests, don’t want you to cash in your currency, or even buy more - None of that.
We have our Money. We are completely happy, content and excited every day, about of life. These “Whales” you talk about…..well, I AM one of them.

Whales hang with other Whales and I can assure you, if you’re not a Whale, you don’t have a clue about the Whale environment. If you want to someday BE a Whale, then you must Act, Speak, Walk, Talk, Think, Behave and Believe you are one - even BEFORE you ever BECOME one. Then it will come to you. The definition of Faith is: “You must BE it, before you can See it.” It is the “Assured expectation of things hoped for, though not yet beheld”.

So many talk about their “Humanitarian” efforts to change the world in the future, when most are not even practicing Humanitarian activities TODAY, in any capacity. What are you doing RIGHT NOW? You don’t need Money to be an active Humanitarian, and assist. We’re involved in Huge Humanitarian projects, and have been for years, small & large. This isn’t something that we “will do someday”, we’re doing it RIGHT NOW.

We’ve been trading Stocks, Oil, Currency, Commodities, Land and Business Partnerships for over 30 years - and Highly politically involved WORLDWIDE. You don’t know who I am. Even if I told you, you still wouldn’t believe. Dinar Recaps doesn’t know, even if they think they know. That’s not our intention.

Maybe someday, I’ll meet some of you, after this is all concluded? Maybe - just because it would be FUN. (You see, when you reach a certain financial level, you look for more ways to have FUN, as much as you can - to enjoy life more, and to see what all you can learn and experience - rather than the constant, focused pursuit of Money and the (illusioned) security it provides.)

Banks & financial institutions could care less about all your Humanitarian plans and good intentions. It is of NO interest to them, from the standpoint of whether or not you get any more money. It’s NOT a qualification process. Your exchange is simply a business transaction, to make more money for everyone involved. They solely want you to do business with them, with as much capital as they can.

Most of the people yelling Humanitarian projects, are using this as a nice sounding excuse to get something from you - BECAUSE THEY DON’T HAVE ANYTHING TO BEGIN WITH - and now using this supposed “RV” as the vehicle. Do your OWN thing.

We want to help you to “STOP SPINNING”. Our Intention?  It’s too Simple - We “Intend the Best for All”. It is Humanitarian. There is NO intention to mislead anyone about anything, for any reason. There are some who “get this”, and most do not. It isn’t about being “Right”, it’s about - ASSISTING with Positive Intention. We’re interested in EVERYONE WINNING. EVERYONE - and you cannot do it, by Spinning in Negative Emotion, every day of your life - especially with regards to this “Not Happening Yet”.

We’re going to now speak very Candidly and Direct: We want to share the latest information - and it’s new information, because it’s “Time”. Of course, you don’t have to believe any of it. There has been a Plan in place for a long time. A set plan, that includes date projections. We’re NOT talking about Banks here. Banks are just puppets - tools, used in this to transfer money. They’re NOT instigators of the Plan - they’re only the mechanism to “follow orders”, and carry it out. No disrespect to Banks, but they have their place and part in hierarchy.

That plan has changed, along the way, due to changing circumstances. Anyone that’s ever put together a “Business Plan”, knows that flexibility has to be considered, because circumstances always dictate a “change of plans”, to get where you want to go.

There is always a “probability factor”, involved with everything, and we mean EVERYTHING. So many in this Dinar community, want to be a “Predictor”, Prophet, Psychic, Seer, Channeler of things to come, and that’s OK, but it’s ALL based on probability factors.

Then there are those who post endless, long, detailed, printed articles from dozens of sources, and want to “LOGICALLY” calculate where things are headed - and that’s OK too. Mind you, ALL of it is a PREDICTION. Even our information is based on SPECULATION - the probability factor changes daily - because WORLD EVENTS change daily. However, some facts are more, shall we call it, “Stable” than others.

We want to speak ONLY of IRAQ today, because it’s the primary focus of your investment AND it’s the first currency you’ll be exchanging, at a significantly much higher rate of return - we just happen to know quite a bit about this Iraq situation, in particular (and Vietnam) - and for a reason.

Within the “Plan”, 2016 is the year….The year, when the entire country of Iraq eventually transforms into a country of “Peace”. The old Iraq is gone forever. The government is completely revamped, as you’re seeing it happen - and even the entire Consciousness of the people, has changed - not only Iraq, but surrounding Middle East. The Dinar, must significantly increase in value. 2016 is and has been in the “Plan”.

There are “3 Periods within 2016” for this to be completed.

Since January, when we met you, we’ve been pointing to MARCH - the 1st week of March as important and now, next week MARCH 22-24, as the time when they officially, and significantly raise the value of Dinar, with exchanges outside of Iraq becoming possible for EVERYONE, thereafter.

This means the rate can change, but the “Permission” to exchange out of country, is given sometime thereafter. This could be as much as 2 weeks thereafter. It is their knowing that “all hell will break loose in Iraq (so to speak in a good way), as soon as the rate increases in Iraq. This is the “1st Period” of the “3 Periods”.

If the rate is NOT increased in March, for any number of possible reasons, too numerous to mention, including major world events happening, for example, the threat of Nuclear War breaking out by someone like N. Korea or if ISIS, out of last ditch desperation decides on a major catastrophe somewhere, then: The “2nd Period” is: The Week of JUNE 6th.

If for any number of reasons, the Week of JUNE 6th does not occur, then: The “3rd Period” is: The Week of SEPTEMBER 18TH.

Those are the “3 Periods” for significantly increasing the rate of Dinar in Iraq, and to Internationally Traded Status, according to Plan.

MARCH 22-24
Week of JUNE 6
Week of SEPTEMBER 18

Why these dates? We don’t know all the reasons involved, and there are many…..and most of it you cannot logically piece it all together, even if you tried - there’s just too much unknown information, at the very top level.

This is why we started telling you about MARCH, even from the first week of January, when we entered this blog with information. There is an Urgency to complete this, as you can see by events that have been happening in Iraq, especially at the end of 2015, till today.

You see the war with ISIS ending, with MOSUL being the last major stronghold being taken.
You see Oil moving upwards $40+, with OPEC meetings announced to raise $50+. Where is 90% of Iraq’s income?

You see over 70 political leaders being replaced within the country.

You see major, positive Progress taking place across the board, in all sectors.

You see masses of people Rioting, because they know they’re right at the end of this corrupt, governmental establishment, that’s been in place for a decade.

You see millions of people wandering around Europe right now, as refugees, that must be supported. It takes MONEY.

You see the IMF, UN and a coalition of governments worldwide, directly involved and assisting this small, little country, that’s half the size of the state of Texas, in the U.S.

AND then there’s ALL THE THINGS YOU CAN’T SEE, going on behind closed doors, that are happening with lighting speed, to bring this all about - for a Positive GLOBAL outcome.

We hope - hope that things will line up perfectly for next week - MARCH 22-24, and the rate is increased significantly.

If it doesn’t, there are many who are patiently waiting, and even hoping that we’re WRONG about this date, just so they can say, “See, that Dr. Clarke was a phony, he was wrong, we knew it, another lame intel provider with false information, he’s evil, dark, don’t listen to him”…….

Well, in fact, we expect that kind of response - IF, we go past these dates. But we don’t care. We know what’s going on, and we have no agenda. But you WILL be a WINNER, which is all we’re really interested in…..and it will be over in 2016. We know that for a FACT - and you should too, given the dozens of indicators, that have NEVER been present.

Haven’t you noticed, that just about everything we’ve said ahead of time, has come true? We missed the currency auction ending date of February 29th, because they decided to keep it running a little longer, so as to snag a few more bad fish, who were still active…..and that’s accomplishing it’s mission - but you see it getting smaller each week. When it ends, a few days later, you’ll see the rate jump up - they have to.

You see, We have FUN doing this - Assisting you, because we’re not sitting on the edge of our seat in desperation, waiting because we have no money, or are in need of anything. We have tremendous Compassion for all those suffering, in pain, without money, unhealthy and in dire circumstances - Because we too, ourselves have been there - more than you know - but that was many many years ago and now, we Know what we Know.

But we know what got you there, where you’re at, to begin with right now, and why you’re where you are - that place you don’t want to be - and we know where you Want to be - and what it takes to move into that Positive, Prosperous, Wealthy, Comfortable and Healthy state of Being - and As Soon As Possible!

We come to you from a completely different place. Truly, if we didn’t feel good about this, we wouldn’t even take the time to respond, or print anything here. In Fact, we could disappear tomorrow, and it’s really no big deal at all. If it stops being FUN for us, then we’ll do just that, and watch it all from the bleachers - like we’ve been doing for years - till Now.

One last thought: We’ve learned to Live more in our Moments more of the time, meaning Appreciating what is Good in our life, regardless of all the other things that seem to be out of whack. Positive creates more Positive. This is the main characteristic of SUCCESS & HAPPINESS. Negative creates more Negative. Which creates more FAILURE & PAIN.

Just stop BLAMING & CRITICIZING one another - your governments, your religions, your neighbors, your employers, your systems, your fellow Dinarians, web sites, conference calls….and LOVE them, even if they don’t deserve it.

 All the Great MASTER’S that have ere lived, have taught this. Your Personal Life will improve tremendously, in all departments. Because THIS is how to become Whole, and all good things flow to you endlessly, including MONEY…..LOTS OF MONEY.

We’ve noticed, that people who read this blog & participate in conference calls, include people of ALL Spiritual disciplines, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindu, Metaphysical and every type of belief - even some who claim NO spiritual practice. Love one another, without Judgment, for no one is better, or more right, or more privileged or above another. We’re the Human Family. We are ONE.

All the other currencies? - we’ll leave that for another time. But the IMF (Christine Lagarde) did for the first time ever, visit Vietnam this week, and gave it a very very good report, even mentioning their currency changes.

Here’s the Link: . Timing?

You’ve been Asking and now you’re Receiving. We’ve given you all we got, so now it’s time to WAIT & WATCH…..with Full Anticipation. Things are “Always Working Out for You.”

Re-read this post several times, because there’s lots of information here, and you’ll glean more, each time you read it - if you Choose. Again, Thank You Dinar Recaps for your healthy contribution.

I Intend the Best For ALL,
Dr. Clarke