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3/18/2016 Guru Tlar
« on: March 19, 2016, 09:32:47 AM »
 3/18/2016 Guru Tlar   Article: "Will Iraq pass amnesty law that could pardon terrorists?"  [...passing this law will go a long ways towards reconciliation between the Sunni's and the Shia...]   I absolutely agree...  This law was used and abused by Maliki to silence anyone and everyone Maliki felt was an obstacle or opponent in the way of his his aspirations.  Maliki's two vice presidents, Hashemi and Mutlag were prime examples of his abuse of this law.  Almost everyone that was outspoken or talked badly of what Maliki was attempting to do calling him out  as attempting to become the next dictator, was accused of terrorism under this law.  Most ran to other countries but many are still lanquishing in jails in Iraq awaiting justice.  They ought to let these folks out finally if for no other reason then to make room for the guy who put them there and all the corrupt guys that supported him.