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Coffee With Mac 3/18/2016 10:00am edt
« on: March 18, 2016, 10:24:16 AM »
Coffee With Mac 3/18/2016 10:00am edt
arizona49:  mac Good morning
hopeful2&2:  good morning mac
mac:  Good morning!
mac:  Well what do we know so far?
arizona49:  Movin & shakin, shakin & moving
majicsmoke:  still waiting
mac:  Sadrs' tent city is being built as we speak. 17 ministers and 100 assorted players were ARRESTED yesterday. So if anyone doubting if the integrity commission is busy will soon be caught as well.
arizona49:  mac They are definitely on a roll and getting done what needs to be done
mac:  Parliament is meeting. I thought amnesty was supposed to go this week. Also what happened with the snipers on the banks yesterday? What was that about.
arizona49:  It may have, for their eyes only, maybe
mac:  IDK AZ.
arizona49:  IDK either mac
mac:  At any rate, progress is being made, waiting for the sermons to come out. Leo was right it is a thin news day
arizona49:  mac yep, typical Friday, slow news day
arizona49:  mac As some have said, there are times we get the news a couple days later
mac:  True
arizona49:  Be interesting what is published Sat & Sun, normally good news days
mac:  I am going to have to cut out early this AM, snowed last night I get to take daughter to school.....yay.
mac:  Az yes it will. I would like to see more resolution than intention from the GOI.
arizona49:  mac Like you, I want to see it done, sooner rather than later
mac:  OK gotta go. Everyone be well this weekend, this is still moving forward whether you see or believe it. Later AZ
arizona49:  mac Take care, drive safe and enjoy the weekend....See you Monday, same place, same time  Thank you

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