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Abadi's office [where]: the difficulty of securing the sit-ins and hope the use of force

Prime Minister Office of the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces Haider al-Abadi said the difficulty of securing the establishment of protests in Baghdad and other provinces, "and expressed" hope not to use force towards it. "
The cleric Moqtada al-Sadr called on the demonstrators to protest and set up tents in front of the gates of the Green Zone on Friday until the end of a period of 45 days granted by the government to implement reforms and fight against corruption.
A spokesman for the office, Saad al-Hadithi told all of Iraq [where] that "clearly the government's position which since August of last year the atmosphere of a peaceful demonstration of citizens in the provinces and in the heart of the capital, Baghdad, and throughout this period there was no friction."
He added that "the government is keen on providing an atmosphere to demonstrate a right of the citizen, but there are special security conditions and in these circumstances the law does not allow the establishment of sit-ins or permanent gatherings in places affect the course of the movement and the functioning of the state institutions or the natural movement or the interests of citizens, and may be vulnerable the target and it's an important subject Hmaho these communities may be targeted by terrorists and the forces of the tendentious and cause irreparable damage to the protesters themselves and may also sit Balqrepen areas. "
He pointed newborn that "this is the responsibility of the government to provide for all of the demonstrators and citizens' security and at the same time emphasizes the rule of law does not allow the attack on any citizen, and this is part of the work of the government is keen to send this picture to all and is keen to support the demonstrations."
However, to say, "But these demonstrations are in accordance with the mechanisms stipulated by law and that there be coordination with security agencies to choose the places and times of pretending to pretend, are also taken into account the security conditions in the country at this stage."
He continued newborn "also can not determine a large security force to protect the protesters and the rally is held for a long time or there is an open security priorities for action and there are risks and challenges of terrorism must distract her attention."
He explained, "The government can demonstrators Security provides for hours like on Friday and this is possible and available, but that is providing power to protect the rally lasts for weeks, this thing is a flaw in the performance of the security system, and related to countering terrorism because it will consume the strength for that."
A spokesman for the prime minister's office. "We are not safe to protesters or demonstrators that they are likely to be targeted and this is dangerous not accept it because they are Iraqi citizens and must be protected, and therefore, the government is out of this position emphasizes the need for analysis of all national responsibility and grasp the difficult conditions experienced by the the country and the challenges in the face of terrorism, and they have to take positions consistent with these conditions and the supreme national interest of Iraq. "
And on the possibility of resorting to force if the insistence on the establishment of sit-ins rejected by the government Sabri said: We do not want to hit things to it, the government and in all cases, careful not to come into contact with citizens and demonstrators, and others or be prejudicial to them. "
He stressed "the need to coordinate with the concerned authorities in the establishment of the demonstrations and we hope that there is a response and cooperation so all the forces, the security of citizens and the stability of work in state institutions is essential as well."
The government had announced in an official statement on Wednesday not to consent to the establishment of the sit-ins and set up tents called by the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr this Friday in front of the gates of the Green Zone.
The new al-Abadi in a speech yesterday, "to stand with the citizens and ensure their constitutional right to freedom of expression and the freedom of expression and to demonstrate that we have the right as a country and people that we are proud of and Nsunha and protect it, and we renew our directives to the security agencies to do their best to protect citizens and demonstrators and public security in Baghdad and other provinces, and that the do not compromise in addressing any armed appearance of breaking the law and disrupt the private and public interests. "
He also stressed "the importance of respecting the law and abide by the instructions of the competent security agencies as to the place and time to demonstrate what does not expose the security of citizens and state institutions at risk."
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