Author Topic: Morning Coffee Klatch with Mac 3/16/16 10:02am EDT  (Read 229 times)

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Morning Coffee Klatch with Mac 3/16/16 10:02am EDT
« on: March 16, 2016, 10:47:27 AM »
(*) Morning Coffee Klatch with Mac 10:02am EDT 3/17/16

mac: ok all read up.
mac: Good morning room! How is everyone?
jannilew: morning! good, faith is back stronger, how about you?
mac: So what happens today in Iraq?
mac: Janni, always good to hear. I am well.
jannilew: announce the new cabinet members?
mac: Close, Abadi is to receive the nominees from the blocs today.
mac: Also, those MP's that were absent too many times will be getting walking papers.
mac: Abadi is replacing 13 of 18 ministers in his cabinet.
wushock92: Top of the mornin' to ya!
jannilew: {waves}
mac: WU wassup!?
wushock92: So I'm liking pink slips being issued to absent ministers. If we could only do that with Congress. LOL
mac: The nominees get handed in today so those seats wont get cold very long.
wushock92: I would think nominees being submitted by the various blocs should make the selections more palatable to Parliament
mac: With the criteria being qualified to do the job with a legitimate degree, oh yeah.
mac: I think Abadi will have these guys seated and working inside of 12 days. Good theatrics tho. LOL
Qualified candidates for government jobs? What a unique concept! LOL
mac: ROTFL
mac: Folks the week is shaping up well. The IMF is motivating the CBI, Abadi with Jobouri and Sadr are getting the govt straightened out. Those that are guilty are too scared to try and stop a movement generated by the public. Malikis attempts to manipulate the scenario is small and pathetic. I think he will be kept close by till the end. Then he can collect on all those things he did to his country.
jannilew: yay!
wushock92: I agree
.BJ: sounds good to me
mac: Stay patient and in prayer, that way all the stress of this is on God. Where it belongs. Have a great day guys!
wushock92: Thank you Mac. Same to you, sir.
jannilew: thanks Mac, you too
BJ: thank you
Kenneth L.: Thanks, Mac