Author Topic: Abadi hours notice .. does not resolve the allies in cabinet reshuffle  (Read 248 times)

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Abadi hours notice .. does not resolve the allies in cabinet reshuffle 

[Special Oan-] Report: Ammar al-Masoudi
What an ambitious Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi in a cabinet reshuffle still collide with obstacles and visions of political blocs, even from his closest allies in the National Alliance, which belongs to him.
And gave Abadi blocs to submit their candidates for the cabins of technocrats - will also like Ho until Wednesday stressed in a speech last week that he "will carry out cabinet reshuffle essential soon and we'll show ministers the names of professionals and qualified to fill the portfolios covered by the change, according to constitutional frameworks and confirming the political partnership between the Iraqi people and its legitimate representatives, has been addressing the political blocs in the House of Representatives and the various activities of the community to achieve this goal. "
It seems that the term [government of technocrats] is somewhat loosely calling for jurisdiction, but approached him blocs to submit candidates. They certainly will not be far from political orientation.
So far, most of the political forces has not resolved the names of candidates and even from the National Alliance, which has a majority in parliament.
It is likely the leader of the coalition of state law WIN in the National Alliance MP Sadiq gum that goes Abadi submit its candidates if it extradites blocks the names of the new cabins and say told all of Iraq [where]: We wish that goes on Prime Minister solo in the cabinet reshuffle and not turn back any mass, but if you have a candidate who is capable of the leadership of the ministry concerned. "
"I think that would go Abadi candidates who put by the independent commission was formed in the prime minister for this purpose," he said. "Technocrat government would be committed to the implementation of the government program to what is necessary and in proportion to the current stage."
MP for the rule of law Nazim al-Saadi no different from the opinion of frankincense much as endorsed the formation of a government of technocrats, even without that blocks progress of their candidates and told [where]: the Abadi whether that made blocs names or not offering to spend to bring in candidates with integrity, efficiency and away from parties and offer them in front of the House of Representatives and it puts it in front of the Iraqi street, and will be seen at the time of the bloc, which is hampering the reform and change. "
He said al-Saadi that "work is continuing ministerial change and there are candidates with experience and integrity will not be the prime minister waiting for blocks a lot and will go to submit its candidates," stressing that they are "of the people of competence and professional integrity and work for Iraq and not to the party given and they are numerous but not Istozron because of the political quota system."
It seems that not all the parties affiliated to the National Alliance "excited" to this change where it says the MP for citizen blocks dreams Husseini: If we aspire to a real government called Baltknuaqrat has experienced and professional current will not be the case the problem; it is a solution to the crisis, but if entered into the cause of reform in Mnacfat I think it will be a political issue but we are supporters of the reform. "
She's [where] the committees of parliament to pursue specialization within the ministries and the level of performance and strategies and assess the current ministers and possibly subsequent and this is in the interest of Iraq. "
And reduced another deputy for the National Alliance of the technocrat government to be the "real way out of the multiple crises in the country."
Haidar al-Mawla: technocrat government is no real way out of the crisis, "noting that" the political blocs to hold the so-called entitlement political representation in the government is forcing the prime minister by engaging them in the process of selecting his booth ministerial. "
He pointed out the Lord's [where] to, that "the Prime Minister gave the blocs to submit their candidates and if they do not come forward it will begin the process of change," he said. "It [Abadi] reported blocs official letter and Wednesday is the end of the deadline given by them to hand over nominations Otherwise, it will be put candidates before an independent commission problem in the prime minister and put the standards that apply to candidates. "
The MP Razak mheibes which is also the National Alliance that "the next government will also be political even if it was one of the specialists that the Prime Minister called on the masses to provide candidates from before so he relied on political technocrats."
He's [where], that "the government of technocrats is the ambition of all the people of Iraq, including the political blocs and the parliament, but a matter of controversy about who these candidates and what kind of technocrats Is it political or the jurisdiction."
The mheibes "We believe it is a way out of the crisis because the ministries need to be the owners of competence and experience to come up because people do not have a link to the competence of the ministries is an injustice to the work of the same ministries."
The interests of the political blocs "at the top" of the aspirations and wishes of the Iraqi people may be, and this was confirmed by the head of the state law, the parliamentary Ali al-Adeeb's [where] last Saturday, where, he said, "Badr blocks and the Dawa Party-Iraq Organization and independents are concerned primarily ministerial change for the coalition the rule of law, and if there is a change in their ministries, they have to submit the bench. "
He added that these blocks "wedded to positions and has no willingness to change according to what I understood," but he also said, "but maybe because of the public interest and public pressure can respond to change and this possibility."
Despite denials by the Office of the writer of this talk, even if published [where] statement with the voice recording, but sources in the National Alliance and political analysts have confirmed what the writer Alchbutt and this applies to other forces outside the alliance as well.
And it will remain al-Faisal, the next few hours is what the upcoming Sevsah by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi end of the horizon of the blocks will be true to him how to translate his intentions to reform starting from his test.