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Coffee With Mac 3/15/2016 10:01am edt
« on: March 15, 2016, 10:54:58 AM »
Coffee With Mac 3/15/2016  10:01am edt
mac:  Good morning room!
jannilew:  Good Morning
mac:  So whats going on this morning?
jannilew:  we're not at the bank
mac:  no whats not going on what IS going on......
jannilew:  ??
jannilew:  someone IS at the banks?
mac:  So what IS going on is that parl is meeting today, ministers w/ too many absenses will be getting pink slips.
mac:  Technocrat replacements will be handed in by tomorrow.
mac:  Things are still moving in the direction we want them too.
jannilew:  And Abadi has some new "time ceilings" I'm not sure what that is
mac:  Abadi has 13 days left on Sadr ultimatum
mac:  Time limits  jannilew:  time limit for ... the rv? or for something else?
mac:  Janni re-read the article, it states "time ceilings" for economic reform, as indicated that al - Abadi will be held accountable to implement those reforms , according to the time limit, confirmed the need for economic reform to political stability and security.
mac:  Now there will be deadlines......
mac: Look guys, with parl in session means laws can be voted on and read. Now Abadi has a timeline to meet. I believe the timeline is referring to the Sadr 45 day threat. We know that there are 13 days left in that deadline.
jannilew:  I was hoping that. I mean since the rv is part of the economic reforms. But didn't dare hope, that was like giving a date.
mac:  I hear you Janni. But if you notice Iraq has been rephrasing, as of late, the way they announce deadlines. Words like before and by weren't typically used, now they are. So I believe that Abadi could accomplish the reforms BEFORE the deadline as well. So you aren't giving a date, just a deadline.
jannilew:  Mac, your confirmation does my heart (and head) good. Thank you.
mac:  We do know that Abadi will receive the nominee names on wed. but will it take him 13 days to pick 10 players? Also he is picking from preselected canidates.
mac:  OK all, must get ready for work. The news looks great and will probably be more later today. Keep in prayer, for yourself and then for others whom you will bless.
jannilew:  many thanks mac, have a great day