Author Topic: Morning Coffee Klatch with Mac and Mich 10:06am EDT 3/14/16  (Read 352 times)

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Morning Coffee Klatch with Mac and Mich 10:06am EDT 3/14/16
« on: March 14, 2016, 11:04:35 AM »
(*) Morning Coffee Klatch with Mac and Mich 10:06am EDT 3/14/16

mac: ok all read up good morning room!
mac: KKT
mac: WU the man!
mac: Mich, good morning sir.
mac: BJ hows it goin?
mac: Janni hows the faith today?
wushock92: Mr Mac! Good Morning sir. Coffee?
mac: Well it looks like Iraq is still moving forward. Nominees from the blocs will come on wed.
mac: Sadr is having a sit-in till the 28th which is his 45 day deadline to abadi.
wushock92: I hope they're moving faster than I am this morning. LOL
mac: I don’t mind this time change, its the one in the fall that depresses me. LOL
mac: less daylight.
Michigander: morning mac
mac: Mich you got anything?
Michigander: nope just waiting like the IMF has said if everything goes as planned and so far it is should see float mid year
wushock92: Mornin' Mich
Michigander: waiting to see if parliament continues to get the laws done that are still needed as the IMF has suggested needs to be done before they can change rate
Michigander: morning wushock
mac: Mich wasn't the statement "DURING the first half of 2016"
mac: Parl reconvenes on the 15th.
Michigander: yes it was so we are in a window as long as they continue to follow plan laid out by IMF
Michigander: that will be seen when parliament comes back how fast they get to following the plan
mac: And Abadis reshuffle wont take long, if you remember he reduced the cabinet size from 32 to 22 to 18. He is keeping 8 and replacing 10.
Michigander: yes that is a good thing for the GOI
Michigander: maybe they can get along better time will tell
mac: The selection of the reshuffle canidates was already made. The blocs received the names of I believe 3 qualified nominee. The blocs just have to pick one. No discussion, just choose.
Michigander: Keywords confirms move policy reform and modernization of the Central Bank Services 6:16:09 a.m. 13.03.2016 "Keywords briefed on the strategic plan for the Secretariat to intensify mutual activities in the Arab world , especially in Iraq , with the imminent Iraq held economic forum in Baghdad organized by the Central Bank of Iraq and the Union of Arab banks and the Association of Iraqi private banks Iraqi government agencies concerned with the economy and investment."
Michigander: yes sure hope these moves help the GOI to get along better just have to wait and see
Michigander: just wish they were also looking at reshuffling the top peeps in CBI LOL
mac: Well Mich its a hell of a long shot, but what choice does Abadi have?
Michigander: oh I agree
Michigander: time will tell how good of a shot abadi is
mac: I think Abadi is also gaining a ground swell of national pride for his country. Statements are now turning toward the good of the country rather than the good for my bloc.
wushock92: Mich, I thought there was going to be some shake up at the CBI. Or was I dreaming again
Michigander: World Bank pledges efforts to resolve the economic crisis in Iraq 2016/3/5 {Baghdad} Euphrates News announced Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, said Saturday that "the World Bank president vowed to make efforts to resolve the economic crisis in Iraq." According to a parliamentary source told {Euphrates News} that "al-Jubouri also revealed during the parliamentary session today for an invitation to the World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim to visit Iraq and to come to the House of Representatives to discuss the economic problem and ways to address them," .anthy|en&
Michigander: well there is always talk about it wushock but nothing more // so guess we wait to see if it actually happens so far not a thing
mac: WU I believe the GOI will have to address Mr. Alaks' proxy appointment at some point, for right now he is doing what he is told and that’s all he needs to do.
wushock92: Well that's good. We had concerns that he was a Maliki puppet and would be a problem.
Michigander: he is a Maliki puppet and has been a problem all along he moves when told to and that's it he will not do things on his own
Michigander: he waits till they put much pressure on him
mac: He WAS a Maliki puppet, but now that they have already said he has done a poor job, the opinion of everyone including his own bloc. He cooperates or he gets yanked. He has a high sense of self preservation in order for him to still be occupying that chair. He must be cooperating with the investigative committee.
wushock92: But at least he's doing what he's told and not thwarting the progression other than lack of speed
wushock92: That was the impression I was getting too, Mac
mac: He can no longer sneak around, his every move is being watched.
mac: On and off duty.
mac: OK all, I gotta run. Stay thankful..............for still being here waiting...............some did not make it.
wushock92: Thanks, mac and Mich. Peace be with you
Michigander: yes that is true but his years of doing the wrong things has but the plan way behind as the IMF has stated on several occasions so now they are trying to move as fast as possible but that all depends on how fast some of the laws get passed
wushock92: Even slow progress is better than what we had under Maliki