Author Topic: IMF Chief Calls on Asian States to Implement Supportive Monetary Policy Christ  (Read 171 times)

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IMF Chief Calls on Asian States to Implement  Supportive Monetary Policy

Christine Lagarde urged Asian countries to conduct supportive monetary policy in response to global economic challenges.

IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde on Saturday called on the Asian states to implement supportive monetary policy and effective fiscal measures to response to the global economic challenges.
"Global economy is actually facing significant challenges — volatile markets and capital flows, significant economic transitions, financial tightening in many economies, the large drop in commodity prices, including oil, and escalated geopolitical conflicts. What should be Asia's response? Some of the broad principles are well-known. Supportive monetary policy… growth-friendly fiscal measures, macro-prudential measures to safeguard financial stability," Lagarde said at the Advancing Asia conference in India.
She added that the structural reforms are key to boost competitiveness, growth and to create new jobs.
On March 11-13, the Indian capital of New Delhi is holding a conference Advancing Asia: Investing for the Future. During the conference representatives of Asia-Pacific countries, as well as the international organizations, such as the IMF, discuss the issues of economic growth, inequality and shortage of investments Asia-Pacific states face.