Author Topic: Haider al-Abadi I will tell everything to the Iraqis  (Read 225 times)

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Haider al-Abadi I will tell everything to the Iraqis
« on: March 12, 2016, 10:49:53 AM »
 Haider al-Abadi I will tell everything to the Iraqis

Without the courtesy and manipulating words Government of Haider al-Abadi failed predecessors When I write about the Maliki government, I blame al-Maliki because he is the prime minister, controlling all the positions of the security and military state and today, after the information received and after a long discussion with the soul and the mind showing me that Aalebadi and Aalmaliki and Aoaa was this political class can fit the case of Iraq and Iraqis, and thanks to this political class that Obtlana God by Iraq has become of failed countries in the world will not dwell upon you dear readers but I would like to show you the fact is that the last hope was in this current political class is Abadi save with titles but disappointed our hopes and he did not do for the Iraqis nothing and Naqbd of Abadi and his government is rhetoric, despite my support and the support of the majority of Iraqis to Ebadi and his government and see a lot of our people that our hope of salvation and the right say Valebadi receive the premiership in the circumstance and timing are bad Iraq is a third occupied by dirty dismember her name Daash a large part of it dominated by Shiite militias and religious parties and stolen Iraqi funds on behalf of the doctrine, religion, and above all this and that we lost a real international support because of the Iranian influence artificial Yes Dear artificial and America was a laugh and we have made us far in the pitfalls of poverty and the need for the financial crisis because of lower oil prices will not rise unless labeled America accounts in the region and found figures such as Qais al-Khazali and other control our fate, and everyone became a mujahid and before that they were oppressed overseas and in the Diaspora and all proceeded Iraqis theft law and Omwalhmhaidar Abadi talking about comprehensive reform, and Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr is talking about the project a government of technocrats and others talking, talking, but for any reform talk and no government technocrats consult I will tell you, O Iraqis Maidor in Alkowalasketbt for Haider al-Abadi several articles I asked him to go to the authority in Najaf and demand them assist him to form a full government from outside the political parties and I am sure that the reference was respond to a request Abadi and graduated on people openly calling for political parties and blocs not to participate in to be formed government requests its support of the House of Representatives and monitor the performance of this government and control of its ministers and I am sure that the House will monitor the ministries and its precise control because ministers are not their parties will be established and supervisory hidden struggle between the parliament and government ministers are talking about, but Abadi, after all the speeches and hints resonant and sources close him and talk about a government of technocrats and reform plans that are tired of waiting, we went out the structure of a cabinet reshuffle in part includes nine ministries and those who did not know we will explain to you what you are now in the corridors and kitchens Endowed politicians who will not be able to make the case of the homeland and the citizen are well because they are of a combination and mix one more precisely they of System one to Aattor but not taking place the same and spluttered all steal Iraq and Alaracinalebadi In a letter to the political blocs to nominate names known for their efficiency, competence and integrity personalities Is it reasonable that the leaders of political blocs nominate people working for the benefit of Iraq and become ministers for all of Iraq, not financiers for their parties and blocs and their clan and their relatives, and we all know the nature of the blocs and parties, and we reached a conclusion proverb (the experimenter to Aaejreb) now witnessing the scenes of the political parties in Iraq operations buying and selling transactions example Qutaiba al-Jubouri, who Ostguetl to environment minister back arranged a deal with Salim al-Jubouri, in order to be nominated in the next ministry properly rest with him in this direction and now, Salim al busy contract deals with Sunni parties to nominate people who can balance the theft of the Iraqi people's money and if Qutaiba al-Jubouri, became minister, I think it will shift from Koutaiba Giorgio Armani to Koutaiba Yves Saint Laurent or Christian Diorokhl night of nights these days witnessing presence in Salim al-Jubouri, a home to win the nominations ministries belonging to the Union of Alqoyowalsaal who asks simple Iraqi citizen is to become secretary of defense, interior and two Mnbban have always been a reason to delay the formation of ministries, but they remain vacant until the completion of the entire package, what will happen? I tell you a great gospel O Iraqis that the interior and defense will remain Zaraha in office and why is that the defense minister, who did not write anything about him one day have satisfied everyone, Sunni and Shia, he knows how (coax Bzath) as the Iraqis say if true traded information on large commission in holding the Chinese armament Order-term, which is said to be Nofal Abu barns and brother of Haidar al-Abbadi (not Mndhiralebadi), but the other brother, and if true, the news about the meeting, which took place in Beirut between Novell and the brother of al-Abadi and other personal and representatives from the Chinese side, which has been agreed through a very scary commission does Abadi can after the dismissal of the defense minister and come up without him? And Maintbak the defense minister sentenced and Ojoba apply to the Minister of the Interior Vhqiq minister smelt the smell of his trades and Nasib Minister Ibrahim al-Abadi became Alalqat and Information Office, headed by an office to hold the transfer of officers and appointments deals and all that he knew al-Abadi good but can not alter the interior minister and leaves the defense minister in office was the solution to leave Monday in major Mnesbhmwalmuseibh is the return name US Orfali to the list of nominations and it seems that Haider al-Abadi as a result of the link with which his family AWS Orfali is ready to assign the post of Minister to Orfali but the question now is whether US Orfali will become the minister for the Shiite alliance, or the Union of forces for that half a Shiite-Sunni and half Like millions of Iraqis and this node will not be solved by not Abadi Chksaavhl this is the reform that we hoped for and frankly to Amal Balebadi and Abay government formed and Abai solution is a solution (Hla gouge) and who told him of Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr and that seems to be retracted Mauad by Iraqis under the pretext given a chance Ebadi and say here Sayyed Moqtada it to as an opportunity and Amal in Iraq as long as this grim faces that smile of thieves and corrupt and frown generally honorable Iraqis who as God Almighty says (mistaken rich abstinence) In the next article, I tell you about the new Hammoudi, who for Arafat but God insiders fever God Iraq