Author Topic: Coffee With Mac & Mich 3/10/2016 10:01am est  (Read 317 times)

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Coffee With Mac & Mich 3/10/2016 10:01am est
« on: March 10, 2016, 11:37:37 AM »
Coffee With Mac & Mich 3/10/2016 10:01am est
mac:  Ok I was just reading up to see what was going on. Good morning room!! You all look to be in good spirits this morning!!!
.BJ:  morning mac
mac:  So in reading up let me clarify somethings....
mac:  BJ good morning sir.
mac:  Gene your currency from sterling is legit.
mac:  BJ good morning sir.
mac:  So the articles above give alot of info and indicators. What do you all think.
Good morning AZ!!! How are you?
arizona49:  Hi doing good, thanks
.BJ:  mac what is your take on the bond sales for the 15th ?
arizona49:  mac I'm thinking the news is good this morning, as I read them, accomplishing alot very quickly it seems
mac:  Conscription is finally passed, amnesty is going next week, parl returns on the 15th.
mac:  Oh and on the Maliki retirement party, how can you retire when you had already been fired??
Colorado:  what was the deal with joining the WTO on the 3rd and having to have a tradable currency?
Colorado:  other than rumor
mac:  Colorado, supposedly it was to be 90 days from 3/3 for Iraq to gain assension into the WTO.
mac:  But the were alledgedly to have a tradeable currency 90 days before assension
Colorado:  90 days provided they meet the requirements correct
mac:  yes, which they currently do.
mac:  except for a tradeable currency
Colorado:  baby steps -- baby steps
Colorado:  slow and steady wins the race -------unless your at Daytona
mac:  exactly, what I call progress. No one seems to understand that they cant put monetary mechanisms in place while the currency is running/released. They have to have the stopgaps in place before they release the currency reform.
.BJ:  a 1,000,000 dinar bond at 6% a year at the rate they are at now woul only pay between 50 and 60 usd per year not enough to bring in big investers
mac:  BJ not at that rate of exchange.
.BJ:  sorry don't understand
hopeful2&2:  there's mich
Michigander:  hello hopeful
mac:  Morning mich, gotta run to get ready for work. Have a good time they're a lively bunch this morning. Be well all we will see you tomorrow.
Michigander:  with these bonds they are trying to get citizens comfortable with investing they tried this last year and had almost no response//
Michigander:  hello mac
Michigander:  so they are upping the interest to see if that helps time will tell
arizona49:  mac Be well and have a good day  See you tomorrow, thank you
Michigander:  Central bank: coin replaced the 50 thousand to avoid inflation 03/09/2016 "The central bank is unable to put up a" substantial "amount of 50 thousand dinars category in the market, considering that put forward depends on monetary policy to the process of currency trading and therefore that the increase put forward will increase inflation in the markets.
Michigander:  so many economist told cbi that putting out the 50 thousand notes would bring inflation and the cbi ignored // and now they have seen the light and it has raised the inflation rate so now they will be holding off on how many they put into market
.BJ:  thought I read they were removing it from circulation
Michigander:  Balutiqh..Albadi GIVES blocks until Wednesday to submit their new ministerial cabins Political Since 03/10/2016
Michigander:  no they just put it in circulation just have put too many so will be holding back
.BJ:  sometimes if I don't see them say it I get the translation wrong sorry
Michigander:  nothing to be sorry about things get mixed up in translation all the time // that's been the norm for this investment
guardian:  BJ, I think it was the 50s, not the 50,000s they took out of circulation a while back
Michigander:  yes that is right 50 were taken out 50,000 put in
guardian:  hi Michigander
Michigander:  hello guardian
.BJ:  yes, I believe you are correct thanks