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Morning Coffee Klatch with Mac 10:01am EST 3/8/16
« on: March 08, 2016, 10:55:04 AM »
(*) Morning Coffee Klatch with Mac 10:01am EST 3/8/16

mac: Good morning chatroom! How are we?
mac: Sorry about yesterday, boys were running late. Car died in front of school wouldn’t start. Waited like 10 minutes, car started again.
mac: Good morning Kaycee
kaycee: gm mac
.BJ: Iraq should be wrappings the meetings up in Beirut this morning it is almost 6pm there hope they have made some good decisions and have decided to raise their currency to help their nations people
.BJ: and us of course
.BJ: please do not count off for spelling LOL
mac: Amen BJ. I am reading that some good things did come out of that meeting
mac: Looks like Maliki will now retire, oh him and Peyton Manning. LOL
.BJ: looks like they are trying to get rid of the bad element in their government and raise the value of their currency
hopeful2&2: and I will match that coffee and raise you 1 coffee
mac: yes it does and they're doing a great job at it. Resignations right and left. Retirement request forms flying off the shelves.
mac: I think these corrupt are looking at punishment, just not death. It sets the tone for the current administration.
.BJ: they must be trying to keep their big house and not go to the BIG HOUSE LOL
jannilew: Mac, do you think the amnesty law will get done this week?
mac: I think they only thing they will get back is their lives and that is all.
mac: I thought it was set for next week?
jannilew: Oh. What about maliki retiring? is that real or just more smoke?
mac: Doesn't make sense as to why he would need to announce his retirement. Some have said and I agree, he has said he was walking away from something only to get knee deep in it. So we will see. I believe based on the timing he means it this time.
mac: Or he has no other choice
jannilew: sure hope so. fingers crossed, again
mac: Its happening Janni.
mac: Today is the Iranian new year BTW.
jannilew: from your lips (typing fingers) to God's ear!!!
So we know that’s no the trigger. LOL
.BJ: he maybe getting ready to go see a doctor in another country and vanish
mac: Probably not. By retiring M makes himself eligible for Interpol and the ICC to prosecute him.
wushock92: Unless some kind of backroom deal was made to get him to retire
mac: Did anyone read the banking conference article?
wushock92: I'm afraid I haven't been vertical long enough. LOL
mac: WU I don’t know if the international community can overlook Maliki’s infractions.
wushock92: I'm with ya there, mac, but on this side of the pond, look as some very serious actions (or inactions) that many seem to be overlooking.
mac: I am more in the camp of when Abadi bacame PM he locked every one of the members in a room and picked them off from the outside of the room to the center. Its about dismantling the established corruption and taking down the ringleaders last.
wushock92: That sounds like a plan. And it seems to be working.
mac: It seems to be working quite well IMO.
mac: Ok all. This is still moving forward. Abadi will release his reshuffled miniters names in 3 days. The INTERNATIONAL banking conference was a success. Money is moving into place. Stay prayed up and humble to receive this blessing. Gotta go.
wushock92: Is this the article you were referring to? The start of the Iraqi Finance Forum in Beirut and assurances to support the banking sector and the economy
jannilew: Thanks Mac (Wu and all) for all you do
mac: Yep that's the one. Bourse means stock market btw.
wushock92: Thanks Mac and have a blessed day.