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 Liberal bloc counts agency positions Abadi's government says the warning bell sounded to end

Twilight News / Counting MP for the Liberal bloc Messenger on Tuesday morning Tai reforms, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi "paper", criticizing at the same time the continuation of many of the government security and military positions by proxy management.

Tai said in a statement responded to the Twilight News, that "the government began Abadi managed by proxy on finance and trade ministries Tdaran proxy and the caravan moves on."

He pointed out that "there are several senior positions in the Iraqi army and police managed by proxy, including chief of staff of the Iraqi army and the leaders of military teams and other senior positions in the ministries of interior and defense."

He added that al-Tai "independent bodies has not been able to escape the agencies fever Fmnbba Integrity Commission and the Board of Hajj and Umrah agencies administered by the characters Ray did Akhz the House of Representatives as a legislative power in the country."

He added that "there are a lot of senior positions in the ministries, departments and state institutions managed by proxy figures incompetent may have reached the position of cross-sectarian and partisan quotas."

He said al-Tai "bell rang termination Government agencies and sectarian quotas and party to form a government Techno Hippocrates of independent and competent."