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Commander of the chest: We and the Iraqi people continue to demonstrate the green doorstep

Commander of the chest: We and the Iraqi people continue to demonstrate the green doorstep

After watching anxious to see the results and the wait is difficult to explore the image of the future of Iraq and forced the Iraqi oppressed people falling between the hammer of politicians in power and the partisanship and the anvil of wasting time and empty promises and to find out what happened to him reform demanded a meeting and seeking his excuse Samaha Islam and Muslims , Mr. leader Mujahid Muqtada al - Sadr (Oazza God) with some of the National Alliance , which was held in the holy city of Karbala on the evening of Sunday , the twenty - sixth of May 1437 corresponding to the sixth of March 2016 and the establishment of the coalition issued a statement after the meeting, which was broadcast by the official channel, suggesting that it represents all the participants in this meeting characters, and found Eminence (Amir ) obliged him to put the Iraqi people in a picture of what happened during the meeting to brief the people on the facts that charge concerning his future.
It was stated (Amir), through an answer to a question submitted to His Eminence in this regard, ten important points outlines of what happened at the meeting, as the Eminence , "said the final statement published by the official channel is not represented at all and did not Akna his presence and the presence of the President of the Islamic Council , Brother Mr. Ammar al - Hakim. "
He (God Oazza) that His Eminence has focused on meeting the eligibility of demonstrations and protests , stressing that the people 's voice louder than the government and that the government protect the protesters Otherwise, the Eminence says , "we will have to protect the demonstrators ourselves." And assembled tendencies who attended the meeting with His Eminence in the holy city of Karbala , said (Oazza God) "mostly inclined to the Government of partisanship, and that was rejected." As it regards the results of the meeting were outlined Eminence (Oazza God) that no results at this meeting, where he said: "After this meeting , which was not the outcome of it , " said His Eminence , "it is possible to raise our demands (Hla) to (Hla gouge)" .
He warned the prime minister Al - Abbadi of the demonstrations turned against him so far are still supportive of him in order to make sweeping reforms and the formation of an independent government of technocrats. He (supported by God) , "said from the audience who did not Iike familiar with the suffering of the people , " he said , adding Eminence "was explained to them that, but no answer."
As revealed (God supported) of its intention to instruct the Liberal parliamentary bloc suspended its presence in the coalition meetings. As has been handled from the existence of a project to Prime Minister al - Abadi Eminence said: " I did not see and did not hear anything from him!".
Said His Eminence (Amir) about what happened at the meeting in general: "I first went out of the meeting and pain Iatsrna on the future of Iraq anonymous."
In conclusion , His Eminence emphasized (supported by God) on the continuation of the demonstrations on the cusp of the green , saying: "We are with you , O great people continue to protest on the cusp of green peacefully without any armed appearances, especially after the government vowed to protect the demonstrators."