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 Abadi announce complete the liberation of Fallujah from the control of state regulation plan

BAGHDAD Anatolia announced that Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, from completing the liberation of the city of Fallujah plan, in Anbar province, western Iraq, from the control of the organization of the Islamic state "Daash."
A statement issued Sunday by the Information Office of Ebadi, Anatolia got a copy of it, that "the Prime Minister held a meeting with a number of elders and notables of the city of Falluja, in Anbar province."
The statement added that, during the meeting was "to discuss liberalization of Fallujah from terrorist gangs, and preparations and plans to ensure the participation of the tribes, and the citizens of the city in the edit."
Abadi stressed, "the importance of developing appropriate plans for the participation of the sons of the tribes, and the people of Fallujah in the liberation of their city, and full cooperation in this aspect."
Ebadi said, according to the statement, "The enemy refracted (Daash), saw the collapse of a large Anhzama in Samarra battles, and we have an integrated plan for the Liberation of Fallujah, which take into account the preservation of the lives of our fighters and civilians, and reduce losses to a minimum as possible."
And subject the city of Fallujah (45 km west of Baghdad), the control of the militants Daash since the beginning of 2014 after a significant withdrawal of Iraqi forces, during the rule of former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.