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COFFEE WITH MAC 3/2/2016 10:04am est
« on: March 02, 2016, 10:42:26 AM »
COFFEE WITH MAC 3/2/2016 10:04am est
arizona49:  mac Good Morning, hope you are well!!!
mac:  Morning guys! Thanks for the cup AZ!!
Godskid:  GM
jannilew:  GM
arizona49:  you're welcome
mac:  So if you guys are reading, other chatrooms, news articles, world economic articles, what do you think?
mac:  C'mon everybody has an opinion.
jannilew:  (whispering) I don't think this is ever gonna happen
arizona49:  mac thinking we are steady as she goes
mac:  I mean China devalued after stating they would stay stable, twisting the arm of the US dollar. Abadi's replacements will be presented on 3/7-8.
mac:  Janni, I am familiar with that feeling as many are, you are not alone.
mac:  Ministers either being charged or resigning. National Alliance, State of Law, Dawa being minimized. Iraq being told to stay away. Cards receiving back payments. Billions being recovered from Iraq.
mac:  Parliament is still meeting!!! Sadr is mobilizing the religious constituents. 15 more ministers resigned today.
mac:  Whats not to love about this investment folks.
bigsammie:  Mac - at least making progress. But realistically, the reform laws need to be signed, sealed and delivered?
mac:  But we are only looking for the laws the affect the RV.
mac:  And those I believe are in the hands of parliament.
bigsammie:  Mac - so not all the reform laws need to be finalized. Well that is good to know.
bigsammie:  Start to over-think things and it all starts to look a little bleak!
mac:  IMF, adding their presence/pressure to get markers accomplished. CBI govenor to be replaced, criteria for the position publically posted.
mac:  WB waiting to loan. WTO full membership on the line. Iran waiting to make a splash into the world market.
bigsammie:  Looks like everything is lining up for something great! Mac - you put everything into perspective!
mac:  SOmetimes the waiting on the minutest detail can be depressing in itself.
bigsammie:  Mac- the way you say things make it easier for me to follow and understand
arizona49:  bigsammie Amen to that, for all of us I would say
mac:  We need to keep our perspective of where we are and maintain being thankful for all that we have been thru to get here. Being in for 8 yrs now, I am in awe of what we truly did not forsee.
mac:  But even that means we have overcome so much in order to arrive here.
arizona49:  That's for sure mac, and ditto for Iraq
mac:  In reading Dinar recaps and our forum, even the content of what is posted have transformed from tin hat wearing psychos to folks intelligently bringing articles and discussing content. We as investors have moved away fron "Inside contacts" to being more like an investigator of evidence. The dinarland in and of itself have matured as well.
jgrines:  mac absolutely agree, all of the special inside intel and what i'm hearing has subsided and more intelligent discussion has increased the past 6 months, glad i don't fall for the old stuff 6 yrs ago when i first got involved just out of ignorance
mac:  OK folks, duty calls didnt realize I have to condition myself back to physical work after siiting for so long. Did 5 straight hours of cleaning and mopping came home a fell asleep for 2 1/2 hours.
arizona49:  mac totally get that ..... Have a great day and God Bless you and yours.....thank you for all you bring
jgrines:  yes thanks mac
mac:  Stayed prayed up people. Dont lose your focus of what is truly important now and later.
jannilew:  thank you mac