Author Topic: Morning Coffee Klatch with Mac 10:02am EST 03/01/2016  (Read 347 times)

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Morning Coffee Klatch with Mac 10:02am EST 03/01/2016
« on: March 01, 2016, 10:59:38 AM »
(*) Morning Coffee Klatch with Mac 10:02am EST 03/01/2016

mac: Morning guys and gals! Whats shakin?
mac: Welcome to Super Tuesday!
mac: I hope you don't all expect me to fill 25 minutes with me talking. LOL
mac: Any questions, clarifications?
hopeful2&2: LOL
yabba dabba: its march 1st you gotta love this ride amen
hopeful2&2: 3 more months and june will be here
yabba dabba: amen spring is upon us in seattle
mac: I really cant talk THAT long. LOL
yabba dabba: mac gives us a rate and date please LOL
mac: So Saudi Arabia and Greece depeg from the dollar. Britain looking to exit the Euro. Anyone else getting excited about all this?
hopeful2&2: 3-1-2016 is the date and the rate is around 1166
hopeful2&2: LOL
yabba dabba: where are those prosperity packages
yabba dabba: LOL that's funny
mac: In 10 days Iraq will have a new cabinet, no committees, no absences, no excuses.
hopeful2&2: they are going out just any day now ROFLMAO
yabba dabba: that's good here we come amen
mac: Ministers are resigning or being charged, all recovered monies becomes property of the treasury of Iraq. Int'l banks will cooperate in returning the monies to Iraq.
yabba dabba: wow that is amazing ...
yabba dabba: judges have been put in place to handle all of this
Godskid: gm all, I don't want to go to vegas, just a park somewhere with the family and some great food
hopeful2&2: morning wu
wushock92: Morning hopeful2&2. Sorry I'm late. Just rolling into work.
hopeful2&2: yabba dabba you mean judges have been put in place to handle the vegas trip LOL
wushock92: You see, that's one of the things I love about this room and y'all. Scheduling problems left the room woefully vacant of admins and y'all stepped up and took care of things. Thank you all.
wushock92: hopeful, you never know. We can be a wild bunch. LOL
hopeful2&2: mac what is your take on the timing of this
hopeful2&2: do you think it will be closer to june or sooner or later
mac: So as unglamorous as it may be, things are turning in the direction we want. We have now made it to March and move closer to the forecasted dates. Everyday moves us to where we want to be. The moves are not earth shattering, just steady and meticulous.
yabba dabba: had no idea all that had to be done to get this done. amen
mac: Hope, I know the IMF gave the 1st 1/2 of 2016. What they didn't do was place it on a specific month and specific day. This tells me they gave themselves room to move faster and a wide door to go thru.
yabba, I don't think anyone did. As more got accomplished, more problems were discovered.
yabba dabba: the get team has kept me sane thru it the get amen
mac: Tere are developments happening folks. Take what you hear from the talking heads and what you read, the truth is in there. Be blessed folks, we shouldnt be here much longer IMO. Be blessed.