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COFFEE WITH MAC 2/29/2016 10:02am est
« on: February 29, 2016, 10:41:55 AM »
COFFEE WITH MAC 2/29/2016 10:02am est
arizona49:  well lookey here...... Mac is in DA house
arizona49:  mac good morning, hope you had a good weekend
wushock92:   mac. Hi ...  Like the moniker
mac:  Good morning guys just seeing what we posted in the room. How do you all feel about the news this weekend?
mac:  Thanks as always AZ
arizona49:  Hey gang >>>> jump on over... your questions and comments are always welcome
mac:  So two stories I found interesting were the two articles about the assassination attempts on Barzani and Sadr. Peeps are getting desperate.
arizona49:  Kurdish parliamentarian reveals an attempt to assassinate Massoud Barzani in Europe
mac:  Official word that multiple currency practice will conclude by today.
arizona49:  Zamili reveals the assassination attempt fails of al-Sadr and the Americans accuse political parties of being behind
Michigander:  Keywords: our ultimate goal of financial stability 2/28/2016 the strategy announced took into account expansion in the framework of the central functions and emerged from our perception of the economic framework of the country after the shift to a free market economy and the significant role that will fall on the private sector in the joints of the management of the economy,
mac:  Alledgedly the clock starts ticking for WTO acceptance.
mac:  Good morning Mich, how you be?
Michigander:  this article and the fact that it lays out the steps needed clearly and directly, that this is being driven by the IMF. The CBI could have made this statement 3 years ago but I doubt that they were well enough equiped to know just how to proceed. The fact that this plan is laid out so clearly points to the direct influence of the IMF. I am particularly pleased with the statement that an FDIC type of law is going to be passed soon. If the IMF is going to bring Iraq into the world market by the middle of this year
Michigander:  morning mac
yabba dabba:  good morning whats cooking in dinar land
jannilew: How relevant is being done by March 3 so they can join WTO?
mac:  Mich, but this plan is already in work, this is just another aspect to be released?
Michigander:  yes in the works but need laws to be able to be implemented it can be in the works forever will get no where if laws not in place
mac:  Janni, personally I dont know, it is one of the rumors floating around dinarland. Much like we were supposed to see progress over the weekend. Which we didn't and there will be no mention of it.
yabba dabba:  are the currencey auctions stil going on ......
arizona49:  eyes on the stars, keep feet on the ground Theodore Roosevelt
mac:  Mich, maybe I didnt phrase it correctly, the IMF guidence has been there for several months, it appears the IMF is simply saying "Sign here, post this now, approve this"
Michigander:  rumors cannot believe that they are still circulating after all that has been put out by IMF and CBI
mac:  Some see what they want or need to be relavent for the moment.
Michigander:  IMF is saying follow our instructions as we laid out back in December and by the middle of this year you will be able to float the dinar internationaly
jannilew:  sure
mac:  Mich, then the question comes forward, will Iraq take every minute of that time?
Michigander:  probably they always do / lets hope not / depends on how fast they pass the laws we will know because we will see the being passed
mac:  Did you see Abadi wants to start a new bloc that is inclusive of all sects?
Michigander:  yes that would be a good thing will be a big up hill battle I'm thinking
mac:  He knows he cant get any further being associated with the SLC.
Michigander:  right we will see
arizona49:  Abadi withdraw from state law
mac:  Yabba, in answer to your question they did have currency auctions tho they were under 100 million.
mac:  So they are decreasing daily.
Michigander:  auctions will go until float starts
Michigander:  they have went down ever since sanctions lifted on Iran
Michigander:  Iran was biggest users of the auctions
mac:  So they know they are funneling money through the auctions but still continue to have them?
Michigander:  yes cia knew it years ago
mac:  Oh, and conscription law is official.
Michigander:  malliki set that all up long long time ago
Michigander:  and remember iran and Iraq very close
mac:  Mich I get that, but they dont want to stop them?
mac:  Mich not as close as they used to be. Iran got snubbed by Abadi last week.
Michigander:  they cant stop auctions all together that's how other countrys get there money for payment on goods they ship and sell in iraq
hopeful2&2:  sounds like that how many are getting their money
mac:  OK all times up for me, have to go get ready for work.
Michigander:  yes abadi is trying to distance himself being pushed
arizona49:  mac Thank you, enjoy your day
mac:  Mich thanks for dropping in. folks we will see what develops over this week, like we have a choice. Keep your patience and heart where they belong, in His loving hands.
Michigander:  good talking with you mac take care
arizona49:  Thank you both, good discussion