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Morning Coffee with Mac
« on: February 23, 2016, 11:08:56 AM »
Morning Coffee with Mac 2/23/2016 10:03am est
mac: Woke up to snow this morning!!! What???????
mac:  Good morning room?
arizona49:  mac Good morning, here you go (coffee) freshly brewed
mac:  Thanks AZ.
mac:  How is everyone doing?
mac:  Well, it appears the heads of ministers are starting to roll. 6 so far.
bigsammie:  Good morning all
mac:  biggie!!!!
mac:  Tommy wassup?
Tommy864:  Nothing new mac same ole Waiting for our day.Only the Lord Knows
mac:  Tommy yes He does, isn't it great that someone who knows what their doing is in charge?
Tommy864:  It sure is knowing he's there
mac:  AMEN.
mac:  But at least we see progress everyday also.
mac:  Small as they may be.
Tommy864:  We had no idea 8 years ago what had to be done for this blessing.
bigsammie:  Mac - heads rolling going to prolong this blessing
mac:  Guys I will let you know in advance Mrs. mac has another appointment so I am going to have to keep this short okay?
mac:  Tommy that is so true.
arizona49:  mac  ...  copy that
jannilew:  good morning mac, was elsewhere when you came in.
mac:  big, I dont think so. I believe that if they knew they were going to charge someone they would have at least considered his replacement hence the cabinet reshuffle being started concurrently.
mac:  Good morning Janni!!!
wushock92:  Good morning, good morning, good morning! Skipping the coffee and going straight to the Monster today. 
mac:  WU must be laundry day!!!
mac:  Now, did everyone see Abadi's reshuffle is now heavily endorsed by the cleric Sadr?
mac:  And most of the other blocs agree.
jannilew:  yes
mac:  Except for the Allawi party
jannilew:  consensus almost
mac:  And the National Alliance of which Abadis bloc Dawa resides.
bigsammie:  Mac, yes. Amazing most actually in agreement with reshuffle
mac:  biggie There religious endorsement. Sistani doesnt agree but interestingly an article comes out that his health is failing and his son will replace him. Interesting timing???
arizona49:  Sadr calls for demonstration Magdy Rady Friday
mac:  Sistani doesnt agree with Sadr involvement in the reshuffle.
mac:  AZ yep and there's that.
jannilew:  and do we know what Magdy Rady Friday is?
mac:  Who thinks Iraqis will happily wait another month for change?
mac:  Janni it just means friday
bigsammie:  I am beginning to think timing means just about everything in Iraq
jannilew:  thanks mac, and I sure don't think they can wait another month! Anyway, I know I can't 
mac:  Yes but do you think they will wait another month??
bigsammie:  Mac, probably not
mac:  Gotta go. OK all keep TerryK in your prayers, keep praying and we can get thru anything.
arizona49:  ok mac   absolutely, prayers are going up (We Are Family)