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 Facts will not be absent (2) .. .. Nuri al-Maliki deals "secret" with the reference, the chest ... and the "Apostles" Eight

We note Dear readers that there will be a second episode from the previous Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki will include leadership of the government in the second term and how it began the dispute between him and Ali al-Adeeb, in addition to the letter addressed to the President of the National Alliance, Ibrahim al-Jaafari to Maliki when Haider al-Abadi instructed the formation of the current government, as well as for information did not reveal before.

BAGHDAD /: Hassan Shammari - Mary finest
Nouri Kamel Mohammed Hassan al-Maliki, was born in 1950 holds a bachelor's degree from the Faculty of Theology in Baghdad and a master's degree in Arabic from the University of Salahuddin in Irbil, grandfather, Mohammed Hassan Abu beauties one of the leaders revolted.
His political career
Maliki began his political career as a Shia opposition at the time of the former regime of Saddam Hussein in the late seventies, and joined the Islamic Dawa Party in 1970, and became a member of the party leadership and responsible for the regulation home for the duration of his stay in exile, and he was responsible for overseeing the ┬źnewspaper stand┬╗ The opposition, which was issued from Damascus
In 1980, former President Saddam Hussein issued a decree banning whereby Activity Dawa Party, became members threatened to death, prompting al-Maliki and many members of the call to flee out of the country party.
Maliki escaped from a death sentence to Syria In 1982 he moved to Iran and then returned to Syria, and was his companion in close Kata Longman, nicknamed Abu Mujahid from the people of the province of Nasiriyah and holds Australian citizenship and served as the private Skrtarith since 2003 to this day in spite of not having any certificate scholarships, and is said to be a link between the newspaper belonging to the Dawa Party, located near the Sayeda Zeinab district in Syria and the Syrian intelligence at the time.
He took al-Maliki during his political career several positions including head of the Iraqi Council of Ministers for two consecutive terms from 2006 to 2014, when he removed him and replaced Lakedr Abadi, then al-Maliki took over the position of vice president in the new government formation along together, "arch-enemy" Osama Najafi and his rival Iyad Allawi, on September 9, 2014 until August 11, 2015, when al-Abadi announced reforms included the abolition of the post of vice-principal of the Republic and the Cabinet, and since 2006 till now assume Maliki as Secretary General of the Islamic Dawa Party, to this day.

Return to Iraq
After the fall of the former regime of Saddam Hussein on April 9, 2003 M-Maliki returned to Iraq after the migration lasted for more than 25 years, was accompanied his son-Israa Hussein al-Maliki and nicknamed "Abu Rehab" and Kata Longman "Abu Mujahid," who pointed to al-Maliki that needed military line of the Dawa party, then named al-Maliki as an alternate member of the Iraqi Governing who founded by the interim coalition headed by Paul Bremer, the authority of the Council, has also served as Vice chairman of the interim National Council, and contributed to the founding of the United Iraqi Alliance bloc and was the official spokesman, which nominated to take charge of the presidency of the Security and defense Committee in the national Assembly in 2005, and participated in the committee drafting Iraq's constitution, which was a member.
2005 saw the first democratic elections after the fall of the former regime, formed evacuated Jaafari government following elections within the National Alliance to choose a prime minister, to resolve the position of Ibrahim al-Jaafari, a difference of one vote for Adel Abdul Mahdi, a candidate of the Supreme Council, Jaafari's government quickly it soon "and led "in the first Shahurha after they abandoned President of the Islamic Dawa Party and Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari for his nomination, as a result of considerable pressure by the religious authority and the Americans epitomized by visiting US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in 2006, and as a result of strong opposition from Sunni and Kurdish his blocks, as well as differences sharp between him and the Supreme Council, headed by Abdul Aziz al-Hakim, who whispered, according to people close ear Nouri al-Maliki, "Jawad al-Maliki," saying: "you are the next prime minister."

The first term
Elected al-Maliki to form the first elected permanent Iraqi government in March 2006 after he abandoned the head of the Islamic Dawa Party and Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari for his nomination for the position, and was received authority confusingly has staked upon everyone that he would not survive more than three months in a country where exacerbated sectarian, where It began kidnapping and displacement and sectarian killings.
Maliki launched in 2007 a plan to enforce the law, and it was the work of this plan Charge of the Knights operation on the Mehdi Army, which follows to the cleric Muqtada al-Sadr in Basra, Nasiriyah and Baghdad and some provinces that was almost under the control of armed groups, and operations or Rabiein in Mosul and then to dismantle Al-Qaeda, as well as several military operations in hot spots, as he signed the execution of former President Saddam Hussein issued by an Iraqi court, the government has implemented quickly.
At the international level, the face through letters and visits several messages of peace and cooperation to the countries of the world including the neighboring countries, which turned its border with Iraq to the tension points. And received during his visits to countries around the world in support of the initiative of national reconciliation, and the desire of the new Iraq to turn the page on the past and establish relations based on mutual respect and non-interference in the internal affairs. Were also at the end of 2008, it has signed an agreement with the United States in order to organize the withdrawal of US troops.
Maliki and win the sympathy of the European countries and the private ones, especially since the country has witnessed in that period, a huge financial budget described as "Balanfjarih."

Hawwario Maliki
Became the owners of the Apostles was in the forefront and most notably Tariq Najim Abed Allah, who was born in July 1946 in the city of Nasiriyah, and with a doctorate degree from the University of Cairo in the Arabic language, as well as Sheikh Abdul-Halim al-Zuhairi "secret intermediary" between him and the reference of Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr, as well as for media advisor Yassin Majid, and Sadiq al-Rikabi, Ali al-Moussawi, director of the National Center for Media and secretaries, as well as Hussein al-Maliki, Abu Mujahid, and protections official Yasser Abed Ckal pair young daughter.
The Tarek Najm, who emerged as its star when he was named director general of the Office of Nuri al-Maliki after forming his first government in the summer of 2006, the nomination of Sheikh Abdul-Halim al-Zuhairi leader of the party, the most important of the apostles, but the closest to al-Maliki, Tariq Najim, who moved to Yemen and was appointed professor at the University of Sana'a starting from 1991 until 1996, when he left for London to demand political asylum and became a British citizen in 2002.
Permissions Tarek Najm widened over time to make him a peer-Maliki in weight and stature, was the star of the main supporter of the Maliki government as it worked in the rough with Iran, America and Britain most important files under the direction of al-Maliki, and in collaboration with the cultural and religious adviser to the Dawa Party, Abdel-Halim al-Zuhairi as well as being a childhood friend as gain Zuhairi support the upper reference and reference-Hakim.
A tense relationship with al-Sadr visible and agreements behind the scenes
Maliki was not at peace with the Sadrist movement and its leader, Muqtada al-Sadr that relations worsened apparent after doing Besolh cavalry but there is a secret line hold transactions between the parties away from the media, this line is headed by Sheikh Abdul-Halim al-Zuhairi a representative of al-Maliki and Sheikh Salah al-Obeidi, a representative of al-Sadr.