Author Topic: Renew the mandate of Lagarde at the head of the International Monetary Fund  (Read 171 times)

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 Renew the mandate of Lagarde at the head of the International Monetary Fund

Washington: International Monetary Fund announced Friday to renew the mandate Christine Lagarde at the head of this body for five years while the global economy is in crisis.
The French Economy Minister previous amounting to sixty years of age the only candidate and received the support of key member states of the IMF, including France and the United States, Germany, will begin its new mandate in July.
It said in a statement: "I am pleased that I get the chance presidency of the International Monetary Fund for a second term of five years."
The statement said that the IMF board, which represents the 188 member nations of directors decided unanimously appointed Lagarde in this position and praised the "wise leadership".
It seems that the French judiciary decision charged with "negligence" to Lagarde in the case of Bernard Tapi- Credit Lyonnais when he was minister of the economy in France, did not affect the renewal of its mandate.
But Lagarde first woman president Monetary Fund, and was succeeded in July 2011, Dominique Strauss-Kahn after he resigned because of a sex scandal.
During the first mandate Lagarde worked to improve the image of the financial institution after the scandal, even if economic solutions to the IMF not received consensus, especially in Greece.
Lagarde also contributed to the adoption of the reform reinforces the weight of emerging countries in the IMF and fielded as the Monetary Authority of curious about topics such as climate variability or social inequalities.
And dominate the growing concern about the global economy at the beginning of its new mandate, against the backdrop of China's slowdown.
And the renewal of its mandate confirms the rule that a European take over the presidency of the IMF while Americans take the presidency of the World Bank.
Lagarde and French fifth character holds the presidency of the IMF since its inception in 1945.