Author Topic: Allawi's coalition calls for an urgent meeting of leaders to discuss the cabinet  (Read 329 times)

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Allawi's coalition calls for an urgent meeting of leaders to discuss the cabinet reshuffle and reforms

He called national coalition of leaders of blocs and political forces and head of the government to hold an urgent meeting no more than limited days to exchange views and resolve differences and define the mechanisms of the rules of the ministerial reform and change forthcoming.
The MP said Hamid al-Mutlaq told a joint news conference with the deputies of the National Coalition today: while applaud the decision of the three presidencies, limiting arms possession of power and consider it a step to save the law, we call on the three presidencies and official bodies to pay attention to the hundreds of innocent detainees and prisoners and displaced people to lift the injustice against them private edit kidnapped in Razzazah and release and their attention has also been interest in the liberalization of the three Americans'.
He added that 'the members of the House of Representatives will discuss with Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi economic situation and each ordered him prejudice the lives of citizens, and will open the House of Representatives debate the issue of reforms, economic and security side to reach common visions in this matter.'
Turn MP Abdul Karim Abtan demanded the armed forces and all those who take up arms to defend their homeland on the battlefield to exercise precision in bombing and rely on the information, called the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces and caught the ground, to open the safe loopholes for those people flee from Lowell Daash bombardment from behind, also called the local government in Anbar to facilitate the entry of displaced people of Fallujah to Baghdad and not to be the old bridge in Ktrivh Bzabz against the guarantor.