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Morning Coffee Klatch with Mac 10:05am EST 2/18/16
« on: February 18, 2016, 11:38:20 AM »
(*) Morning Coffee Klatch with Mac 10:05am EST 2/18/16
(TerryK is on the road)

mac: Good morning all! How was your night??
bigsammie: Good morning, Mac
mac: adonais grace, backyard chickens are easy. A coop, some feed a water dish. put them in at night let them out in the morning
mac: bigsammie!!!
jannilew: hey mac!
mac: Janni, waiting is tough isn’t it?
jannilew: oh man! you can say that again!
mac: But we are getting there.
jannilew: I believe we are. I still have faith, but would love to know how close we are. Or better, just come in here and y'all tell me we have bank numbers (or something). LOL
mac: So it appears the popular crowd militia just lost 1/3 of its fighting forces in order to conform to being under the commander and chief Hadr Abadi!!!!
mac: Sadrs' bloc, ISSC and now State of Law are supporting the coming reforms. State of law is asking ministers to hand in their resignations at Abadis decision.
mac: Oil rose after Iran now agrees to freeze production
mac: 7% yay.
jannilew: and all of this is good. right?
mac: This is excellent. Do you not see how Janni?
jannilw: oh mac, I know you get frustrated with me. Yes, I think I see it, but honestly it seems there are more layers to their law making process, than we have. It gets very confusing.
bigsammie: Will more support for reforms push this along?
mac: Absolutely, the last time anybody challenged the gov't they either wound up in prison or disappeared. There are so many guilty parties and I am sure word has gotten around about what will happen if you don’t cooperate. They will leave with their lives but little else since almost all of what these ministers have is stolen.
mac: Between the US intelligence, Shabbibis files, Chalabis files plus what the Investigative Committee is finding they have all of the participants with the evidence. Heck they just sentenced 40 individuals to death for Spyker base.
bigsammie: So Abadi is moving along at rapid pace getting the corrupt and ignorant gone. What will the Amnesty Law do?
mac: Janni basically law and order is coming to Iraq, they need to conform to ALLL the rules in order to get that brass ring that will open their economy to the world. How's that?
mac: Let me see if I can find a small definition. Bigsammie you should too.
jannilew: Sure, makes sense.
mac: The Iraqi cabinet yesterday approved the General Amnesty Law for prisoners detained on sectarian grounds and forwarded it to the parliament for a vote. The law comes as part of a series of steps for political reform following US pressure in order to win over Iraq's Sunnis. Sunni politicians claim that hundreds of prisoners who were arrested during the rule of former Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki were detained on sectarian grounds. Iraq's Sunni political forces had three demands before they would agree to form a coalition government led by Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi, they included the General Amnesty Law, the National Guard Act and the abolition of the Accountability and Justice law. The Shia National Alliance rejects the National Guard Act which Sunni actors believe it is key to achieving military balance in the country, especially with the presence of thousands of Shia fighters in Sunni provinces. Sunni factions expressed fear that Shia fighters would commit acts of violence in Sunni dominated areas after liberating them from Islamic State (ISIS), they highlighted that this had occurred in Tikrit where Sunni mosques and houses were burned by Shia fighters.
mac: So basically it has to do with detained prisoners. Amnesty would not apply to govt officials even if they are fired or resign.
jannilew: So they are going to release those prisoners; that sounds good.
mac: A lot of these folks are qualified for positions in the gov't, have degrees and everything.
mac: Conscription law means everybody defends Iraq no matter what sect you are from.
bigsammie: Ok got it.
mac: Nat'l Guard is replaced by conscription law
mac: As hard as it is to believe but Iraq is becoming what they are designed to be, quickly!!!!
mac: Abadi will be in parl on sat. Guess he wasn’t ready to do the cabinet 'shuffle today. LOL
mac: The overall sentiment in Dinarland is we are very close I just lose faith in the process when EVERYBODY calls it on the same day. So far nothing like that.
mac: If you can realize how significant every little move is now, how much closer that puts us to what we want. How every time someone in the Iraq gov't speaks it is no longer in terms of "soon" or "in the coming days" or "when the parl reconvenes" these movements are precise and succinct and exact. Intentional, with purpose. As tedious as it is for you all, it used to be "Okay, they passed that law, what does that mean?" it is much different now. That’s why I get excited.
hopeful2&2: Woo hoo!
jannilew: Woo Hoo!
jannilew: If you're excited, then I'm excited, too! LOL
hopeful2&2: these 2 are cited  
mac: OK all I’m just yammering. Suffice it to say we still have to wait for this to develop but every weekend that things DON’T happen increases the Inevitability that it WILL happen. Stay prayed up and remember to ask God who you are to be after this change happens. Gotta run.
jannilew: Thanks Mac