Author Topic: COFFEE WITH MAC 2/17/2016 10:07AM EST  (Read 423 times)

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COFFEE WITH MAC 2/17/2016 10:07AM EST
« on: February 17, 2016, 10:43:05 AM »
COFFEE WITH MAC 2/17/2016 10:07AM EST
arizona49:  mac  Goood morning
mac:  Good morning AZ was just seeing what article were posted this morning
arizona49:  A bunch
mac:  Youre telling me..
arizona49:  Well, needed to get the fam all caught up and ready for coffee hour 
mac:  Where to start is the problem.
arizona49:  Looks like the Kurds are playing nice, now
arizona49:  I know, lots of good stuff this morning
mac:  I think the best article was the Morgan Stanley analyst who stated their moves this year were "horrendous" the crash has made it to mainstream media and will continue IMO. People are losing too much in their portfolios not to start paying attention. Retirement portfolios lost 10% so far this year.
kaycee:  Hey there
mac:  GM Kaycee!!!
mac:  The kurds are playing nice and should actually be getting revenues and sharing oil.
arizona49: Morgan Stanley strategist: Our moves were 'horrendous' >>>,58595.0.html
mac:  Mutlaq is exposed as helping the Iranians by kidnapping Americans and Qatraaris. Thats gonna leave a mark for a minute.
arizona49:  Thanks mac, hadn't seen the Morgan Stanley one....that is a good one!
mac:  ANd finally the US is going to be Vietnams biggest trade partner ahead of the TPP. Hmmmmmm??? WOnder what game we are playing.
arizona49:  US becomes Viet Nam's top trade partner ahead of TPP >>>,58603.0.html
arizona49:  Games....who knows what is going on in D.C.
arizona49:  Mutlaq accused of "belonging to Iran's militia" to kidnap Americans and the Qataris for taking
mac:  The one I dont understand is Abdul Maliki (not Nuri) wants to change the current government to a caretaker gov't. Probably not where Iraq is heading, nice try SOL.
arizona49:  Deputy calls for Parliament to vote on making the current government a caretaker government
arizona49:  That was a quandry, but nah agree, don't think that will happen
mac: Alot of positioning going on this morning. Things are getting put into place for something......
arizona49:  I know, and has been for a couple 3 weeks now.....GET ER DONE
mac:  Its funny that everybody is commenting on Chinas drop in value except China.
mac:  If you can look at it from CHinas perspective, everyone is playing into their hand.
mac:  Which is what they want.
arizona49:  Yep, you said that yesterday....dancing to their tune and whether the world knows it or not
mac:  Well seems pretty quiet out here, gonna go drop Mrs. mac for babysitting and get on with my day all. This is the tedium of investing. Oh! and the amnesty law got moved to next sat or mon.
mac:  Still stay trusting in Our Heavenly Father. He knows what is coming and will guide us through this new life, if we trust in Him. Gonna run, be blessed today, see you all tonight.
arizona49:  God Bless you and yours, mac Enjoy your day.....I'll be off for the next 2 days, see you next Monday  if not before PRAY & HOPE