Author Topic: COFFEE WITH TERRYK & MAC 2/16/2016 10:04am est  (TK on the road)  (Read 333 times)

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COFFEE WITH TERRYK & MAC 2/16/2016 10:04am est  (TK on the road)
arizona49:  mac Good morning
bigsammie:  Good morning everyone
mac:  Good morning room!! Interesting day isn't it?
arizona49:  Yes it is
mac:  The world is dancing to Chinas tune whether they know it or not
mac:  Chinas first train arrived in Terhan yesterday.
mac:  Iran and Iraq are signing trade agreements tomorrow. Parl meets on thurs. will be getting cabinet reshuffle
arizona49:  2/15/2016 Iraq, Iran to sign trade protocols >>>
mac:  US will return funds and provide names of corrupt govt reps to Iraq
mac:  China just made up some of their export % shipping to Iran. Trip takes 14 days and they want to continue into europe.
mac:  You know I was thinking of when I got in that it was just supposed to be Iraq. Now we have world markets getting drained, need an injection of true value. Emerging markets will flourish past the FIAT currencies.
mac:  Certainly is much more then I thought I was getting into.
arizona49:  Definitely became a Global event
mac:  AZ think it was designd that way all along. Some peeps think further then we do.
arizona49:  A designed plan, for sure
mac:  It's very exciting after living under the FIAT model all my life. Introduces so many possibilities
mac:  REAL value in REAL currency means REAL opportunities to REALLY change the world.
mac:  And now we understand the inter-connection between countries making us better investors. We also can wait like nobodies business.
arizona49:  Let's hope, it will all be, for the good of the "world"
arizona49:  Got that right
mac:  It will be AZ it's the only one we've got.
mac:  I'm going to have to run. Mrs. mac has Dr.s appointments I get to play Morgan Freeman.
wushock92:  Morning all
arizona49:  Have a great day mac, see you tomorrow
mac:  ok all, stay prayed up, we will need it more than ever very soon