Author Topic: Maliki is talking again about the political majority and calls to support Abadi  (Read 184 times)

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Maliki is talking again about the political majority and calls to support Abadi conduct a comprehensive reshuffle

Information / BAGHDAD / ..

New Secretary General of the Islamic Dawa Party and president of a coalition of state law, Nuri al-Maliki, on Monday, talking about the political majority, which had previously called her, as called for support of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to conduct a comprehensive reshuffle.

Maliki said during a meeting with a delegation from the pool "determination" mass, according to a statement his office and agency / information /, a copy of which received the "Iraqi people are all brothers and they are all partners in the nation based on equality in rights and duties, pointing to the importance that warns everyone that post-Daash stage will be profiling projects division despite the fact that Iraq is not possible to divide by two. "

He added that "promote Mbda national reconciliation based on the awareness and vigilance of the charts is the way to build Mtokha a society of security and safety and have the weapon, however, the state is not a place where gangs outlaw, and all participate in the construction process," noting that "the political majority, which was adopted by the coalition project state law did not seek to marginalize the component or a particular political party but a comprehensive number of forces that believes in building Iraq, according to a policy approach and one aim of the Iraqi citizen service. "

Tight-Maliki on "the need to be reforms that Taatpinha government built on solid foundations and be inclusive not prosthesis, and that gives the prime minister the opportunity to choose the members of his booth ministerial accordance with the rules of competence and integrity, and not someone starts to intervene in the selection process," pointing out that "we if we want real reform in which the government is responsible for the Prime Minister we must support him in a thorough change is not partial, and everyone turns away from political infighting and disharmony because he contributed to the obstruction of the work of the state during the past years. "