Author Topic: COFFEE WITH TERRYK & MAC 2/1/2016 10:02am est (TK on work assignment)  (Read 334 times)

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COFFEE WITH TERRYK & MAC 2/1/2016 10:02am est (TK on work assignment)
arizona49:  mac Goooooooooooood morning coffee hope you had a good weekend
Godskid:  Morning all
mac:  Good morning all! Happy Iowa caucus day!
arizona49:  Godskid Good morning
mac:  So I am sure you all have been reading the other sites that unequivocally called it this weekend.
mac:  Now there is alot of back peddling going on and excuses why such "accurate" info/rumors did not come to pass.
Grandmaster:  Some day some day it will come
mac:  TK and I were talking over the weekend, personally I think he was bored (11 hr drive to Dallas) about how we have learned by being burned to watch and observe.
mac:  I was looking forward to seeing that then I was to see what developed. L O L
mac:  So enough of that. There were some interesting news in the mainstream media over the weekend. CBS evening news stated in one sentence "UN to loan Iraq 861 million dollars for reconstruction" and that was it. Found the timeing interesting and was looking for what article they got that info from.
arizona49:  Live & learn to "take as rumor", no forewarning....BAM it will appear
mac:  Oh, btw I will have to duck out in about 20 minutes or so. Our schools have a late start due to the snow that will be coming stead for the next 36 hours we should be getting 18" or so.
mac:  We established "take as a rumor" way back when I first came on as a newbie. I was part of that conversation
mac:  So in the Forum section is a very interesting article out of Russia talking about their annual review of their accomplishments. What was interesting was them stating that all countries must "re-set" their relationships with each other, drop the limitations from other countries and work toward a more cooperative global relationship.
Grandmaster:  Kind of a "play"on words sounds like. HUH
mac:  This was from Russia folks it was their press conference that lasted 3 hours, was posted in english (40 written pages) and on youtube and on their gov't website. Not a mention of it in the western media including europe.
mac:  Grandmaster, it was interesting because how they used the word and spelling of the word "re-set".
Grandmaster:  They are saying na,na,na,na,na....l know something you don't know.
mac:  Iran opened 9 state banks to the SWIFT system. This morning stating they can't and wont bring all of the 100 billion dollars back into the country. Rather they will bring some in and use the other foreign accounts for remittances and investment.
mac:  Warka is now internationally compliant. Remember when getting a Warka account was a "thing"?
arizona49:  Central bank: Warka Bank will exercise its activities after rehabilitation,57783.0.html
arizona49:  Iran says SWIFT open to 9 banks Monday Sun Jan 31, 2016 >>>,57773.0.html
mac:  Folks since we are looking at a GLOBAL currency reset would it not be logical to look at the GLOBE????
arizona49:  Barzani back to Arbil after positive talks in Baghdad
Grandmaster:  mac for sure.
mac:  We have put Iraq under the microscope only to find out the world players must be positioned correctly also. 
Grandmaster:  When I got into this I though Iraq was "IT"....boy was I ever wrong. L O L
mac: I am not saying we are adding time I AM saying the world economies are positioning themselves correctly for this to move forward. All those that are back peddling missed the overt messages. And this has nothing to do with the moon and stars.
Grandmaster:  GCR re-set University... you got to love this ride. What and education we are getting.
mac: ok all talk amongst yourselves. school in about a mile away.  Be  Right  Back
mac:  back
mac:  ok all. Read, perceive digest. There is no one thing but a compilation of events coming together. Both within and outside of Iraq. There is nothing to do but watch and learn. Prepare and investigate what is going on with things that will directly affect you. Thats pretty much it in a nutshell which we will feed to the groundhog tomorrow.
mac:  Questions????
arizona49:  well said mac
mac:  Anyone???
mac:  If not, Im gonna go make some toaster waffles.
mac:  OK, even tho I may not know each of what you specifically need suffice it to say you are all prayed over today and everyday. It is up to you where you start your day, please allow it to be an appointment with the Most High God for He is our anchor forever.
mac:  Waffles are done. See you tomorrow all.
arizona49:  mac same place, same time TY