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 Al-Awadi: volatility of oil prices, an alarm bell and solutions to government, "prosthesis

Said the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary member Awad al-Awadi, it said on Sunday that the government resorted to the prosthesis solutions to tackle the financial crisis plaguing the country under the fluctuation of crude oil prices.
He said al-Awadi's / Moyen News /, that "fluctuation of oil prices, Iraq is just a wake-up call to alert to the danger that has plagued Iraq," adding that "the decline is a kind of positive through to be a government alternative plans to increase imports and to deal economy discourse investment by Dharaibaa and from the other side and activate other sectors. "
He added, "There are long-term plans by relying on investment sectors such as agriculture and industry to avoid a drop in oil prices," calling on "the government to not only prosthetic solutions and rely on loans."
He pointed out, "The Wares solutions that can reach Iraq to clear a financial stability through real resources and reduce excess expenditures in all aspects of the state and away from the slogans".
The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said, earlier, that the decline in oil prices, the second challenge, along with terrorism, between the collapse in oil prices will force us and useful for stimulating positive.