Author Topic: COFFEE WITH TERRYK & MAC 1/29/2016 10:02am est  (Read 325 times)

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COFFEE WITH TERRYK & MAC 1/29/2016 10:02am est
« on: January 29, 2016, 11:23:28 AM »
COFFEE WITH TERRYK & MAC 1/29/2016 10:02am est
arizona49:  mac Good morning coffee
mac:  AZ yes please.................
mac:  and thank you.
mac:  Good morning room. How are our spirits??
mac:  I am still feeling the effects of Wushock92's loss.
arizona49:  mac me toooooooo
arizona49:  I think we all are
mac:  So I have been a bit more reflective here of late.
mac:  The prevailing thought is "Does this make sense?"
mac:  Not just WU's loss but the larger scheme of things dinar related.
bigsammie:  Good morning all
arizona49:  bigsammie hi
mac:  I read ALOT everyday and see many stances that seem to work for those individuals. Those in dinarland who have taken on stance or perspective and it has paid off in terms of large followings and seekers hanging on every word.
mac:  And then there is us................
mac:  Small but mighty!!!
mac:  But back to my original thought, "Does this make sense?". As you look at all the info you have absorbed whether from here or other things you read, ask yourself "Does this make sense?". Though there are many voices and distractors, you have the ability to perceive the trend or general consensus of what message is being said.
terryk:  Morning all sorry I'm late
terryk:  what's going on
arizona49:  terryk Good morning here you go (coffee)
terryk:  Tina, az, mac, kkt
terryk:  We all still droggggggggy
mac:  We know where we want this to head, how does what is being said by us and others fit together? You are all capable intelligent people. Dont be intimidated by the flood of info/rumors you receive. Inamongst all of it there is a theme, a direction. Everyone who is leading and teaching in dinarland have a basis for what they do and say. They are either unaware or choose to ignore others, for what end?
terryk:  wow Mac I need someone to whip out the dictionary
mac:  I would say for us, we started with Iraq and have expanded our view outward. Understanding that this is more then just one country but something that affects us and the world we live in.
terryk:  only for two words....dinar land and intelligent
terryk:  they really don't go together
mac:  We also understand the spiritual aspect involved in this investment.
terryk:  that is the meat there
terryk:  I know thru our members I have changed
terryk:  do I still have bad thoughts from time to time? Sure. But spiritual I have grown....after all I'm human
terryk:  I think
mac:  So as you go about your day and probably a slow news weekend reevalutate what you know and find answers to the question "Does this make sense" for the interpretation of information and the rate it will be accosting you will be fast and furious once you have the reponsibility of this investment in your hands.
terryk:  so I see Imf is willing and ready to loan monies to Iraq if needed
mac:  done.
mac:  TK yes, IMF ready but saying they are not aware of any requests from Iraq.
arizona49: IMF denies holding negotiations to lend to Iraq now
mac:  thanks AZ
terryk:  man she is fast
mac:  yep
.BJ:  was wondering, after the rv and we exchange enough to get stable, do we exchange our old dinar for the new dinar and hold for the storm to be over? was just a thought
mac:  BJ are you referring to the lower denominations?
.BJ:  yes, not us currency
terryk:  there is no difference in value or time constraints at this time on the currency
terryk:  just updated security systems on bills
.BJ:  ok, so no hurry to exchang the larger notes?
terryk:  if it were me, I would work on getting rid of larger bills first
mac:  Not unless Iraq decides to shorten the timeline which they havent indicated anything yet.
.BJ:  yes, that was part of my question do we need to exchange them into something else, even lower denoms
.BJ:  time line is very important to all of us in the exchange
terryk:  So true bj
mac:  BJ keep an eye out for any announcement contrary. The effect of shortening the exchange window would effect everyone invested. Iraq didnt pull a fast one with the 50 dinar note. I have some still left wasnt worth turning in such a small amount for me.
.BJ:  they are talking about the bombing of the banks that isis have control of to destroy the currency to help stop the bad guys from buying more arms, would that not make our currency worth more? just a thought, no one can really answer
terryk:  As I said last month 5 banks on radar. Two gone already and yes to your question
mac:  This would physically lower the note count. Doesnt mean Iraq couldnt take the credit for destroyed notes in digital currency
terryk:  gives us excuse to print more
mac:  There is only 10% of the total note count physically in Iraq banks.
.BJ:  ok, thank you both
mac:  Anytime BJ.
terryk:  hey all got to run, Mac I will call u tomorrow afternoon, have to finish a PowerPoint presentation
terryk:  mac the floor is yours buddy
mac:  So we are again at wait and see. This is an opportunity to get your brain around info and evaluate what you know.
mac:  Thanks TK.
terryk:  I'm still excited thinking it's gotta be close
terryk:  God Bless you all
arizona49:  terryk God bless and be safe in your travels
mac:  I would prefer silence then...............BOOM!!
arizona49:  I love surprises
mac:  The only noise we would hear would be those that must bloviate to keep subscribers........
arizona49:  Isn't that a Bill O'Reilly term "bloviate"
mac:  I find it ironic that when TK started the room he was berated for "calling it" every weekend, which was probably true. Now that we are older and wiser, everyone else in dinarland are calling it in one form or another every weekend. Yet we dont berate anyone for it. Hmmmmmm.......................
mac:  Bloviate, talk at length, especially in an inflated or empty way..
mac:  I pray about what I say so as not to bloviate.
.BJ:  well, the old guy on the side of the road that holds the sign that says [ the world will end tomorrow ] will be right one day
mac:  BJ true. But everyone who drives by arent living for today based on his sign. Why is that??
.BJ:  well some of us were hopping TK was right and the old man was wrong
mac: L O L
mac:  I think truth is somewhere in between.
.BJ:  sorry just couldn't resist
mac:  I guess as I get older being true is more important then being right.
.BJ:  but sometimes in this place [dinarland] we need just a glimmer of hope, even if it doesn't happen as quickly as someone says it will
majicsmoke:  good morning all
mac:  bonjour majic!
majicsmoke:  hi guys!
mac:  BJ you hold that hope in the form of IQD. Or else whats the point.
.BJ:  yes, and in the belief that some day when my time is up the good Lord will take me, and that is belief
mac:  Folks, whether you just came on the scene or have been around for a "hot minute" as my daughter says, review all the things you have endured to get here. All the people who rejected the validity of what you have said about this investment, all the souls that have passed on all while waiting for that moment when these colorful pieces of paper will actually have an increased value. Think of all the plans you have made once these currencies mean something in the world markets. The hope lies within each of you. I agree that a development encourages us to carry on. But the hope has always been inside each and everyone of us. We never learn true patience till we are put into things that test it and see our true limitations of true patience.
arizona49:  So very very true, mac
mac:  As we sit here and now, you have endured so much more then this, as I call it, "microwave popcorn society" would ever be able to comprehend, let alone endure. You all are amazing people for sticking it out. In spite of us being few, the majority is not always right. That is your glimmer of hope, it's inside of you if you choose to see it and acknowledge it.
mac:  ok mrs. mac has made breakfast and I eat with two hands (fork in one hand, toast in the other). You are all truly blessed for many reasons. Think about those this weekend and we will meet again here on Monday, Lord willing. OK?
arizona49:  God Bless you mac
arizona49:  Enjoy your weekend, see you on Monday
jannilew:  goodbye mac
.BJ:  this ride reminds me of a sign that hangs in my favorite beer joint it says[ free beer tomorrow ] the only difference is one morning we will wake up and our prize will be here
.BJ:  thanks mac