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Coffee with TerryK & Mac 1/28/2016 10:00am est (And Michigander)
arizona49:  mac Good morning coffee there you go
mac:  Good morning AZ thank you. I am waiting on TK before we start, ok?
arizona49:  Absolutely
terryk:  Morning all
arizona49:  terryk good morning, hope you are well this morning
Kenneth L.:  Good Morning AZ
terryk:  let's keep wush in our prayers
.BJ:  morning
arizona49:  terryk prayers going up
terryk:  he lost his wife yesterday afternoon
mac:  Guys if we could take a moment, I wrote a prayer for our brother Wushock.
mac:  Our Great Heavenly Father, Today we lift up our brother Wushock92 for comfort and strength as his wife Cathy has gone to be with You yesterday. Lord, he has faithfully served You, his family and our family as well. Please be with Your servant, comfort him, guide him thru his grief and heal his heart for the void is great to lose the love of your life. May from his loss we understand what truly matters in this life and come to a greater understanding that this life is fleeting but You oh Lord are eternal. May we support our brother in prayer and hold him in our hearts and minds today and serve him the way he has served You and all of us here. Forgive us of our sins for they are many and lead us toward Your glory. In Jesus name. AMEN
terryk:  Amen
yabba dabba:  amen
arizona49:  mac Thank you, that was beautiful Amen
chas45:  Amen
terryk:  Mac please email that to him
.BJ:  amen
Kenneth L.:  Amen
mac:  AZ can you skype his email to me please?
terryk:  morning tina
arizona49:  sure can
mac:  thanks
terryk:  hey all we will be taking donations today and tomorrow for flowers from the get team
terryk:  tina will put something out how to do that
arizona49:  mac just sent to you
terryk:  az be sure to post that info every 5-10 min once she posts
arizona49:  Will do TK
mac: Sort of makes all this pale in comparison, doesnt it?
arizona49:  It certainly does
terryk:  I'm kinda in shock to be honest
arizona49:  I'm feeling that too, TK
mac:  This is the very reason we have said to live your lives while waiting for this to happen.
terryk:  Yep
mac:  BUt we have also said we are family and one of our family is hurting and grieving. There will be many details to handle and mourners to receive. Let us act on those words and come to his aid for he is our family.
mac:  TK let me know which way you want to go this morning.
yabba dabba:  amen good morning all at the get team
terryk:  ok let's talk dinar
mac:  ok
yabba dabba:  swift approved on the 31st
terryk:  for Iraq or iran
mac:  Well it appears that some of those tankers for Iran are headed to CHina and Japan.
yabba dabba:  iraq
yabba dabba:  600 billion in trade
terryk:  that's huge
yabba dabba:  probably not paying in dolllars
mac:  The IMF will activate their reforms today. If you remember the US dragged its feet for 5 years on these IMF reforms because it would reduce their controlling 17% voting power. Making impossible for the other IMF nations to get anything thru w/o the USA agreeing.
terryk:  Take it Mac be right back
arizona49:  Iran, China agree $600-billion trade deal after sanctions >>>>
mac:  Also the US, Japan and Europe are no longer the only big dogs in the room. THey will be joined at the big kids table by the BRICS. It will now level the IMF playing field and usher in an asset based value of all countries. THis is not only huge it is supersignificant. We forgot this aspect since we had focused on the current developments.
mac:  Did anyone read this morning about Germany repatriating 366 tons of gold from NY????? Hmmmmm...........
bigsammie:  Yes. what's up with that
arizona49:  Germany Has Repatriated Over 366 Tonnes Of Gold From New York And Paris
mac:  Mich, good morning friend.
mac:  Michigander:
good morning mac  arizona49:
Michigander Morning
mac:  Mich, whats on your mind today??
Michigander:  The process to raise the value is based on economic principals, not some arbitrary number. Most importantly, the dinar is directly related to the creation of a market economy. So as the world comes to Iraq to invest (once the laws are in place), it will create an economic boom of sorts, and as a result of billions of dollars will begin flowing through the CBI's capital account to participate in investment projects, the result will create inflationary pressure in the country. When the CBI moves to Article VIII (which. I expect this year to happen at or about the same time as the passing of the laws), and begins to float the dinar, the dinar will rise in value gradually to counter that inflationary pressure created from the influx of investors. .it is absolutely necessary that the dinar appreciate in value as part of the process.
terryk:  Yea but when mich
Michigander:  well mac just waiting for the laws still looking for parliament to get to work to get them done and for the president to sign the ones that have been passed already
mac:  No fair TK that's asking date.
terryk:  that's today right
terryk:  parl back in session
Michigander:  well its a waiting game terry will know we are close when we see the laws in the gazette
Michigander:  yes they are back in today
Michigander:  the IMF and CBI. They have made it very clear that Iraq will open to the market first half of 2016. To me, that means Article VIII and freedom of movement of capital will begin within the next 4-5 months. It is do-able IMO, but Iraq needs to continue to make progress each week, getting the banking system up to date, signing agreements, passing laws, etc. We must be reminded that oil revenues are not sufficient to meet the budget (and most importantly the salaries of government employees). This is the motivation to push forward the market economy as soon as possible.
mac:  MIchigander, I think that the IMF reforms were part of this in that if they were not implemented the US would still control the IMF. Ms. LeGuarde need to take back control for the sake of the existing and new members as well.
Michigander:  yes very true mac
Michigander:  75% of Iraq is stable and secure and waiting on investors including the Kurdistan region. And that the banks and money in the terrorist areas (mainly Nineveh Province) have been written off as a loss. That is probably one of the reasons they simply decided to bomb the banks in that area.
Michigander:  head of parliament joubari is here in the US meeting with officials so maybe he will get a little kick start to go back and get the laws done //
mac:  Mich, but how much more tolerance does Iraq have based on goods and services, lack of liquidity etc. There is a boiling point out there and maybe we are being overly optomistic but the citizenry and religious authority is not going to stand for much more. The best Iraq could do is throw some kind of "bone" to the population thus temporarily appeasing them, but for how long??
mac:  In Iran, Pres.Rhouhani was able to activate the swift system in under the 2-4 week estimate he gave.
mac:  Be  Right  Back
yabba dabba:  bring in them dollars
mac:  back
mac:  IMO by Iran getting their currency into the market would make an imbalance in a region already imbalanced. This is a factor that should be at least acknowledged.
Michigander:  well they have been tolerant for 10 plus years now things will remain the same they have adjusted to the way of living and to what they have to work with when the time is right and they start the flote and the value begins to rise they will just go with it and take it in stride
mac:  Iran is aggresively working to get itself into the market place and their associations are very anti-US.
they are no where as dependent on it as we are // we here in America are way more affixed on the value than they have ever been
Michigander:  well Iraq is a proxy state of iran we made it that way when we withdrew
yabba dabba:  amen to that.....
mac:  Their oil is already on its way to China and Japan today. Swift goes active on the 31st. They have been sending our SWIFT requests since the day they were released from sanctions. They have courted investors (Airbus for one) and making commitments now.
Michigander:  yes and iran will be right back on world stage where thay were before sanctions and most likely even better than before
mac:  that should be "sending out swift requests" L  O  L
yabba dabba:  what about that article that came out iran and iraq agreement to rv at same time
mac:  Mich even if Iraq is a proxy state, tho their statements say they want their independence from ALL outside influence Irans progress would put them farther behind their neighbors, thus destabilizing an already unstable environment.
Michigander:  so Yabba I have never heard of such a thing
yabba dabba:  i think arizona brought it in
Michigander:  well I believe that Iraq does want independence from outside countryies // western //
arizona49:  yabba dabba looking but can't find any article
arizona49:  I recall something, could have been a "guru" post
Michigander:  Yabba I fully believe such an article came out just cant believe someone would right it
mac:  What did I miss? I didnt see what yabba stated. Im lost.
yabba dabba:  deal made between iraq and iran to rv at same time
mac:  Guru theory, nothing more.
yabba dabba:  they will be skipping and holding hands on the rv
yabba dabba:  follow the yellow brick road
mac:  There is no proof of it. I believe we may have stated here or at least Iran being a catalyst for Iraq to RV.
terryk:  My thoughts for the past 6 months was this. Oh Mac hit it
mac:  GCR?
yabba dabba:  maybe it was a guru
NavyVet:  they just got 150 thousand million dollars..... I think they are good for awile haha
terryk:  hey navy
terryk:  long time
NavyVet:  sup skipper?
terryk:  Tell me some news brother
Michigander:  hey navy and not to mention the billions of dinar that iran bought thru the auctions all these years //thanks to malliki
mac:  Permission to come aboard skipper.
mac:  SO mich, Iraq will receive a 1.8 billion dollar loan from the World Bank with no strings attached. What is your take?
NavyVet:  guys, I cant think of anything to say about those lazy thugs over there.... they blow my mind...
mac:  NavyVet, Abadi is reshuffling his cabinet, The integrity commission has specific names that they are finally prosecuting. Guess they are saving Maliki for last. IMO
NavyVet:  All I can say is "the enemy is inside the wire"..... for those of you who understand that lingo
mac:  Copy that.
Michigander:  there are always strings attached mac
chas45:  Was watching Blommberg yesterday. Tim Cook, CEO Apple in China stated all the global currencies are under pressure. What does he mean by pressure, anyone know
mac:  MIch could find any details in the press release
mac:  Chas, i.e. losing value. Tapping into their reserves to stay afloat in a receding market. Selling off all the dead weight they bought in the BOOM days just to stay afloat.  IMO
Michigander:  the world bank is going to monitoring exclusively the restructuring of the banking system is what the world bank says
mac:  The ENTIRE banking system???
chas45:  Mac thank you. Will this help speed up the reset since a company ceo has said this? If one says it more have to come
Michigander:  and they are selling some 600 thousand government propertys across the country to help with under funding o the treasury
yabba dabba: i thought that what basil 111 was all about remember all that noise
mac:  chas45, by the time it makes it to main stream media its too late. Basically stating the obvious to those that are paying attention.
Michigander:  Abadi discuss with the President of the World Bank to support Bank of Iraq and help to repair the banking system 2016/1/21 16:08 [Baghdad - where] Search Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi with World Bank President Jim Yong Kim and his accompanying delegation in Davos Bszisra support Bank of Iraq, the expertise and assistance to repair the banking system. And his office said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that "al-Abadi met with World Bank President and his accompanying delegation in Davos on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum, was discussed during the meeting of the World Bank for Iraq support expertise and simplification of procedures and help to repair the banking system and to provide experience of running Almaiah.anthy resources
chas45:  Mac thank you
Michigander:  For his part, President of the World Bank pointed out that "the success of Iraq is important to the whole world and they are ready for all that Iraq needs support in the experience."
mac:  Mich, read that yesterday, most of those properties are occupied by MP's and heads of commitees. THose individuals were/are trying to title those properties into their own name.
mac:  Stealing in plain sight..........   
Michigander:  well a lot of them belonged to saddam and his family those they want to turn into museums and tourist spots
mac:  Yes
Michigander:  private companies will buy those up
NavyVet:  TK..... the patients are in charge of the asylm haha
.BJ:  I just can't see government officials trying to steal from the people
mac:  Mich at least the GOv't would get a fair price for them. From what I understand, there are quite a few of them.
mac:  Why BJ? Our Gov't does it all the time.
NavyVet:  Mich... muslim museums... they are destroying all Christian artifacts as fast as they can
Michigander:  Iraq among the ten countries "most corrupt" for 2015 !! 27/1/2016 BAGHDAD / Hassan Shammari: Transparency International has developed, based in Berlin, in its annual report, on Wednesday, Iraq among the ten countries "most corrupt" for 2015, as pointed out that Brazil and Libya are among the five countries where corruption levels increased significantly during the past three years.
.BJ: that is what I was saying
NavyVet:  heard that Mac
mac:  Navy, that is Daash or ISIS or ISIL. I cant keep track.
Michigander:  they said 600,000 properties all together are going up for sale
Michigander:  yes isis is navy
mac:  Mich who has that kind money? 10% of Iraqis work for the gov't, 30% unemployed that leaves 60% working in various levels of income. Cant recall how many live below their poverty level which is WAAAAYYYYYY lower than ours.
NavyVet: heard on Breitbart this morning that Iran is reaching out to unite all these factions using the 1.6 billion we gave them..... who saw that coming?? haha
mac:  Navy Iran can afford it. The 600 billion/ 10 year deal pretty much puts a big cushion under Rhouhanis butt.
NavyVet:  .... almost like it was all by design, huh?
mac:  ummmmm............................yeah.
terryk:  3
terryk:  5 TOTAL RIGHT
NavyVet:  the RV would not allow O to destroy our Nation. We can only Pray at this point. It will happen, this I feel in my heart.
terryk:  RIGHT
Michigander:  all the politicians could easily afford them not to mention the rest of the government employees and of course anyone from anywhere that may want to buy a little piece of iraq
mac:  mich and what is the price per square foot going for in Iraq?
Michigander:  not sure how many they have a lot everyone in mosul there are probably at least 20 there
Michigander:   mac not sure on that, not cheap I bet
.BJ:  selling these properties is one way for the government to get large amounts of the dinar back in their hands
mac:  But it does lend credence to the need for loans to purchase these properties if aquired by an Iraqi national. Further these loans have to be recorded and possession conveyed. Does Iraq have the mechanisms in place to facilitate these purchases? Something more than signing a Goat skin agreement or exchanging your daughter and some sheep. etched on a rock..
arizona49:  TK have a great day, we will see you tomorrow
mac:  I too have a day to get to. Please keep WUshock92 in prayer for the next few days as the Lord lays him and his family on your heart. Mich, thank you for your insightfull input. Tho your knees are sore from praying this in folks, it is time well spent in front of He who made you. Stay blessed.
arizona49:  mac Thank you again, for the beautiful prayer for wushock92 and his family .... have a good day, same place, same time tomorrow
Michigander:  see you guys mac and terry great having these discusions with you and everyone else
arizona49:  Michigander Thanks for coming in, enjoy your day
you too Arizona and everyone else have a blessed day
Later TK, God Bless you and yours, too